ARCH Motorcycle’s Next Bike Won’t Be a Cruiser

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ARCH Motorcycle is in Italy right now, and they just took the wraps off three bikes, one of which isn’t so much a cruiser, as it is a naked roadster model.

Built using carbon fiber MonoCell chassis technology, a building technique usually reserved for ultra high-end sport cars and Formula 1 racing chassis, the ARCH Method143 features a potent 143ci (2,343) v-twin engine.

Though, instead of the performance cruiser layout the company is better known for, the ARCH Method143 will have mid-body rearsets for the feet, and clip-on handlebars for the hands, making for a very sporty riding position.

Backing up that notion is the use of Öhlins suspension, which includes a proprietary Öhlins FGRT series front fork with carbon fiber airfoil covers.

The wheels are designed by ARCH, but made by BST, and are in the shape of a turbine prop. The rear wheel is mated to an aluminum single-sided swingarm, which has been CNC machined by Suter Industries.

ARCH says that the exhaust is inspired by the ones on MotoGP bikes, and is made from titanium and carbon fiber. The company has also made its own headlight design, and the Method143 will use a cellphone for its dash display.

Production and pricing have yet to be announced, but don’t expect the ARCH Method143 to be cheap.

Source: ARCH Motorcycle

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