ARCH 1S Debuts a Sportier Performance Cruiser Design

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In case you can’t be one of the lucky 23 who own the carbon-fiber-everything that is the ARCH Method143, the ARCH Motorcycle has a bike for the rest of us.

Debuting today at the EICMA show in Milan, the ARCH 1S takes the American brand’s performance cruiser offering found in the ARCH KRGT-1, and ups the ante.

ARCH Motorcycle’s second production model, the ARCH 1S is built with CNC’d aluminum and carbon fiber parts, all of which tie together around the bike’s 124ci (2,032cc) v-twin engine.

Noticeably, this includes an aluminum single-sided swingarm design, that holds a BST carbon fiber wheel.

Also of note is the fact that the ARCH 1S is Euro4 compliant, thanks in part to an unconventional muffler design, and ABS is optional with the ISR Brakes setup.

Both of these notes mean that the ARCH 1S will be legal to see in Europe, the driving force behind ARCH’s model debuts in Milan.

The last item of interest is the fuel tank, with its aluminum fuel filler enclosure that hides behind a body panel. We are also fan of the integrated air scoops in the bodywork, and the mid-body footpegs.

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced by ARCH Motorcycle yet, though we would expect a modest increase over the ARCH KRGT-1’s price tag of $78,000.

Source: ARCH Motorcycle

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