The KTM 790 Duke Surprisingly Returns for the 2022 Model Year

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The KTM 790 Duke is coming back as a 2022 model year machine, so says the Austrian brand. That might come as a bit of surprise, since the KTM 890 Duke R replaced its smaller sibling in late-2019.

This curious move seems to come for the benefit of the European market, where a 95hp version of the KTM 790 Duke will be made available for A2 license holders, with a price tag of €8,999.

The rest of the world’s markets will get the 2022 KTM 790 Duke with its full pop of 105hp, though it’s not clear if the 790 will come to North American soil.

Even with the ability to offer a peppy sport bike for territories with graduated license schemes, the reintroduction of the KTM 790 Duke is a curious one.

Sitting next to the KTM 890 Duke and KTM 890 Duke R (we will ignore the KTM 890 Duke GP for a minute), the KTM 790 Duke comes as quite the bargain for its €9,000 price tag, as the 890 base model costs closer €12,000 in most European countries.

The move could also be the first step in seeing the 890 models graduating into a 990cc displacement, with a KTM 990 Duke tipped to be coming for the 2023 model year.

Having bikes on either end of the “middleweight” segment could make for a good strategy for the Austrian brand, especially as homologation requirements lean towards growing engine sizes.

Business positioning aside, the 2022 KTM 790 Duke comes with IMU-assisted traction control, cornering ABS, three riding modes (standard), a 5″ TFT dash, and LED lighting.

Meanwhile, optional equipment includes an up/down quickshifter, a “track” riding mode, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring system, and a phone connectivity system.

Considering the price tag, the available features, and the ever-important note that its a hoot to ride, you can tell why the KTM 790 Duke was one of our favorite bikes on the market when it debuted. Therefore, it’s return is welcomed…though still a bit curious.

Source: KTM