The Honda Navi Will Get You on Two Wheels for a Paltry $1,807

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The Honda Navi is the latest motorcycle from Big Red, and the entire ethos of the pint-sized machine is that its equally sized $1,807 price tag won’t break the bank.

Visually similar to the Honda Grom, the new Honda Navi is the latest to the Japanese brand’s miniMoto lineup, though it breaks tradition by using a 109cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, shared with the Honda Activa 110 scooter model.

Focused on bringing new riders into the industry, the 2022 Honda Navi also features an automatic transmission with no clutch, and the whole package sips gasoline with a rated 110 mpg fuel economy.

Available in January 2022 (February in California), you can get the Honda Navi in four colors, whose names we definitely did not make up: Red; Grasshopper Green; Nut Brown; Ranger Green.

Hate all you want. This bike is freaking adorable, and damn affordable. We bet Honda sells a metric boat-ton of them.

Source: American Honda