BMW R18 B – The “B” Stands for Bagger

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As was expected from spy photos and internet rumors, a bagger version of the BMW R18 has finally official broken its cover.

We always knew that BMW Motorrad’s gigantic air-cooled boxer-twin engine would be a platform for multiple models, so it shouldn’t surprise us to see the BMW R18 B debuting for the 2022 model year.

The bagger model launches with marque’s dresser variant, the BMW R18 Transcontinental, also coming to market, with both bikes available in August 2021.

At the heart of the 2022 BMW R18 B is 90hp (67 kW) of pure German fury, but the real attention-getter is the torque curve that hits 116 lbs•ft (158 Nm) at a measly 3,000 rpm.

Not counting the rider’s weight and luggage, the massive twin-cylinder engine will have to push 877 lbs of motorcycling mass with the R18 B, which makes the optional reverse gear seem like a smart purchase for those who plan on skipping leg day at the gym.

While the cruiser variant is more barebones in its cockpit, the R18 B brings a bit more to the table. For starters, there is a widescreen TFT dash that measures 10.25″ on the diagonal.

The TFT dash handles the electronics settings, navigation, and infotainment duties, while four analog gauges provide speed, engine rpm, fuel tank capacity, and electrical system usage.

The hard bags are critical for the bagger look, and offers 27 liters of storage – 26.5 liters if you get the up-spec audio options.

Speaking of which, Marshall Amplifications has been tapped to do the stereo system, with a two-speaker setup being standard (an up-spec four-speaker version is available on the R18 B as well, which integrate into the bike’s panniers).

Of further note, an additional storage compartment in the fuel tank offers a convenient place to store and charge your smartphone..

ABS is standard to all three 300mm discs, and other rider aids include active stability control, dynamic cruise control, three throttle maps, engine braking control.

All lighting is done by LED, with an optional turning light package available as well.

The gas tank has been enlarged to 6.3 gallons for better range on the open road, and the windscreen on the R18 B sits a bit shorter on the front fairing than on the R18 Transcontinental dresser model, to help with that bagger look.

Pricing for the 2022 BMW R18 B starts at $21,495 MSRP, if you should feel so inclined to upset the Harley-Davidson status quo.