Updates Come to the Entire BMW K1600 Lineup for 2022

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BMW Motorrad’s venerable K1600 platform is getting an update for the 2022 model year, which means we have new BMW K1600B, BMW K1600 Grand America, BMW K1600GT, and BMW K1600GTL motorcycles to talk about today.

While such news would usually be a lot to process, the Germans have made it easy for us, as  all four of the K1600 models share in their revisions to BMW’s six-cylinder engine, which is now Euro5 compliant.

Power remains unchanged at 158hp (118 kW), though that top figure comes 1,000 rpm earlier in the rev range, at 6,750 rpm. Peak torque is up too, now 133 lbs•ft at 5,250 rpm (a 4 lbs•ft bump over the previous iteration).

All of this should mean better acceleration throughout the rev range, and BMW has added two knock sensors for improved riding and versatility.

To that same goal, the engine drag torque control on the clutch (MSR) is now standard, as is the Dynamic ESA semi-active suspension.

The adaptive headlight is now a full LED unit, and BMW has installed its beautiful 10.25″ TFT dash into the cockpits of the K1600 bikes. Though, we hope its operation has been further refined since we first saw it on the BMW R18 B / Transcontinental.

Each model comes in one standard color, one style variant, and one “Option 719” variant, with that latter boasting a more…unique look than you will typically find from an OEM. We’re digging the “Midnight” look on the K1600B / K1600 Grand America.

Competing against the Honda Gold Wing (787 lbs) and Honda Gold Wing Tour (836 lbs), which saw massive weight reductions for their sixth-generation machines, the BMW bikes compare quite well.

The BMW K1600GT tips the scales at 756 lbs, while the BMW K1600GTL with its integrated top box weighs in at 789 lbs – all with an extra 1.45 gallons of fuel onboard compared to the Hondas (total fuel tank size on the K1600 lineup is 7 gallons).

Of the optional features that are available, our favorite has to be the floor lighting, which can be activated when the bike is parked, not only for some sweet ground effects, but also aid in deploying the kickstand on uncertain terrain.

Pricing for the 2022 BMW K1600 base models is as follows: K1600B ($22,545), K1600GT ($23,895), K1600GTL ($26,895), K1600 Grand America ($27,745) MSRP.

Expect to see the new K-bikes in US BMW dealers starting in February 2022.

2022 BMW K1600B

2022 BMW K1600 Grand America

2022 BMW K1600GT

2022 BMW K1600GTL

Source: BMW Motorrad