Honda Gold Wing Tour Gets More Junk in the Trunk for 2021

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If there is one complaint to make about the current edition of the Honda Gold Wing Tour, it is that Big Red really screwed the pooch when it came to the size of the integrated luggage compartments.

At the time, the thinking was that the modern motorcyclist needs less room to pack for a weekend getaway, thanks primarily to the fashion and use of compact camping materials.

That thinking lead the Japanese down a fatal path though, as the panniers became awkwardly shaped and small, and the top box couldn’t even fit two full-face helmets inside it (despite Honda’s insistence that it could).

Well, for the 2021 model year, Honda has finally answered the call for a revision on the luggage situation on the venerable Gold Wing.

Adding 11 liters of space to its top box design, the 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour boasts a 61-liter compartment now, with ample room to fit two full-face helmets of any size and make.

Honda hasn’t stopped there with the changes either, with the updated Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour getting a revised rear seat, which has a more relaxed angle, thicker foam, a taller profile, and a suede-like cover.

For those that like blasting Taylor Swift in B-group track day sessions, the Gold Wing audio system has also been beefed up, with 45-watt speakers, automatic volume-adjustment level, and a standard XM radio antenna.

Lastly, Android Auto integration joins the already standard Apple CarPlay integration (the first on a motorcycle), and the rear turn signals are now all red, for those with the OCD.

All in all, it is a smart and much-needed revision to the Honda Gold Wing, and addresses our primary (though few) gripes about the model when it debuted in 2018. 

Source: American Honda