The Harley-Davidson “Custom” Is the First Cruiser We Like

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In case you missed the new, Harley-Davidson dropped a number of new model concepts on us today, all which are to go into production by the 2022 model year. We have already shown you the ADV concept, as well as the Streetfighter concept.

There are a bevy of electric bikes to see as well, along with an e-bike program, but right now we want to focus your attention on the Harley-Davidson Custom, a modern take on the Sportster platform. It might be the first cruiser that we have actually lusted over.

For the loyal Asphalt & Rubber readers on this page, that statement should certainly say something about how much we are digging this potent v-twin concept.

Using the 1,250cc version of Harley-Davidson’s new modular, liquid-cooled, DOHC, v-twin engine, the Custom takes a number of cues from Harley-Davidsons of the past and future.

From the current lineup, the Harley-Davidson Custom has flavors of the company’s Fat Bob in it, especially its squinting front-end, which features even more heavily on the ADV concept bike that was released today as well.

The chassis gives a nod to the upcoming Livewire electric cruiser, with the two machines sharing a swingarm design. Meanwhile, the rest of the bike looks like Sportsters from the past, namely the XR1200, with a very clean tail end.

The overall effect is a handsome motorcycle, which should perform quite well with the largest version of the new power plant within its frame.

The Harley-Davidson Custom is sporty without being a sport bike, which is something that the current Harley-Davidson lineup has lacked, ever since the XR1200 was discontinued.

The high-mounted shotgun exhaust helps exude performance, but you know the bike must be fast if there is only room for one on that tiny seat.

We never thought we would be lusting over a model from Harley-Davidson like this, and considering all the new machines that the Bar & Shield brand is teasing us with today, it is strange that this is the one that has caught our attention the most.

Check the date. Look outside to see if swine have taken flight. Has anyone seen four dudes on horseback? May you live in interesting times, indeed.

Don’t change a thing, Harley-Davidson. Leave the Custom concept just the way it is, when you bring it to market in 2020.

Source: Harley-Davidson