Yamaha Niken GT Brings Proper Sport-Touring to Three Wheels

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When the Yamaha Niken debuted, we didn’t know what to make of this leaning three-wheeler. Yamaha pitched the Niken as a sport bike, but our time riding it in the Alps showed a machine that was better suited for touring.

Seemingly following that feedback, the Yamaha Niken GT has come for the 2019 model year, debuting at the EICMA show in Milan, and it offers more touring-focused features for three-wheel enthusiasts.

Perhaps the perfect touring platform, the move makes sense for Yamaha, and the Niken needs few changes in order to adapt to this new concept.

To pivot the Niken to a sport-touring platform, Yamaha has made a bevy of smart additions to create the 2019 Yamaha Niken GT.

Those changes include a wider and taller windscreen, a centerstand, plusher rider and passenger seats, heated grips, 12-volt DC outlets, a pair of locking saddlebags, and a passenger grab rail that is ready for a top case. These features add roughly $1,300 to the Niken GT’s price tag over the bare bones Niken model.

As such, pricing in the USA for the 2019 Yamaha Niken GT is set at $17,299 MSRP, and then there is the $450 destination charge. That’s a pretty penny for an 847cc sport-touring machine, but then again you won’t find anything else like it on the road.

Unfortunately, that price tag doesn’t buy you a larger fuel tank, which means that the 4.8-gallon unit will have to do. Though Yamaha isn’t talking wet weights for the USA yet, we expect the Niken GT to tip the scales right around the 600 lbs mark.

Source: Yamaha Motor USA

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