Horex Debuts Its Third Model, The Horex VR6 Raw

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We had given up Horex for dead several years ago, with the German brand struggling to get its VR6 platform to market and in the hands of customers.

But, don’t discount this motorcycle company just yet, as the Horex VR6 Raw debuted this week in Cologne, for the INTERMOT trade show.

As such, the attractive roadster is an exercise in black-on-black, with virtually every component on the six-cylinder machine murdered out for a sinister effect.

The Horex VR6 Raw isn’t all dark, however, as the 7″ TFT dash is brilliantly bright and thoughtfully laid out. The piece helps stamp the premium effort that Horex is trying to bring to market, and other lesser brands should take note.

With a dry weight of 485 lbs, the Horex VR6 Raw isn’t slim by any stretch of the imagination, but the Germans hope that the unique 161hp / 90 lbs•ft six-cylinder engine, with its triple overhead cam (TOHC) and 15° cylinder head angle, will be enough of a lure for would-be buyers.

Other interesting bits include a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) rear subframe (CFRP is also used for the clutch discs), Öhlins suspension front and aft, Brembo M50 front brake calipers, and forged aluminum wheels.

The options list for the VR6 Raw is impressive as well, as there is an optional titanium bolt kit, metal fluid reservoirs (black in color, obviously), and Kineo spoked wheels. With the options in place, a further 5 lbs can been taken off the dry mass of the motorcycle.

If you like what you see in the gallery below, be forewarned that it will cost you a pretty penny. Pricing on the Horex VR6 Raw starts at €35,500, which includes the 19% VAT. No word yet on when the Raw model will be available, and good luck to you if you want to have one in the United States.

Photos of the Horex VR6 Raw:

Source: Horex