Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Coming to the USA, After All

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When we first saw the Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe, we had no word that the retro-modern machine was coming to the USA, though it seemed far-fetched that the repurposed Z900 wouldn’t see the shores of North America.

Sure enough, Kawasaki USA just sent us word that the Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe will be coming to the United States in limited numbers, as a 2018 machine.

Sharing the same 948cc inline-four engine as the Kawasaki Z900, the Cafe model takes the venerable streetfighter and adds a retro look to it. The Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe is part of a two-pronged retro approach, with the Kawasaki Z900RS already seeing a strong response from enthusiasts.

Despite the heritage looks, the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe comes with some modern refinements, namely a slipper-assist clutch, traction control, anti-locking brakes, LED lights, radial brakes, and suspension that includes fully adjustable forks and a rear shock with rebound and preload.

All of this is packed into a steel trellis frame, with a bikini fairing look.

Of note, Kawasaki makes a big deal about the exhaust on the Z900RS Cafe, saying that the 4-2-1 system went through over 20 different variations to ensure the right note and style was found.

Other technical items worth mentioning are the brakes, which includes a radial-pump front master cylinder, which is mated to a pair of four-piston radial calipers that clamp on 300mm front discs. Rear braking action is done by single-piston caliper on a 250mm disc.

With the Kawasaki Z900 and Kawasaki Z900RS getting favorable reviews from magazine tests, the Cafe version bodes well to be a good ride.

Latching onto the heritage vibe that is still lingering (though fading from trend) in the motorcycle industry, riders of the Z900RS Cafe don’t have to sacrifice performance for looks. That makes a good recipe for success, as well.

You can get the 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe in any color you want, so long as it is vintage Kawasaki green. Pricing is set at $11,499 MSRP, for the 2018 model year.

Source: Kawasaki USA