The Z800 Becomes the 2017 Kawasaki Z900

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The naked sport bike segment continues to push into larger displacements, with the Kawasaki Z800 turning into the all-new 2017 Kawasaki Z900. With that change in number comes an obviously new 948cc inline-four engine, slung into a light-weight trellis frame, amongst other improvements.

For the marquee differences between the machines, the Kawasaki Z900 brings with it a 13hp power increase to 124hp, and a weight reduction of over 50 lbs, for a curb weight of 458 lbs (non-ABS).

For creature comforts, the 2017 Kawasaki Z900 comes with assist and slipper clutch, with optional ABS brakes. Priced at an aggressive $8,399 ($8,799 for the ABS model) though, that tradeoff comes from the Z900 being sans any advanced electronics and high-spec components.

The four-piston front brake calipers are axially mounted (not that street riders will notice the difference to radially mounted units), and paired with 300mm discs. Meanwhile the suspension pieces have preload and rebound adjustability, in the 41mm USD front forks and rear shock.

The Z900 will slot in under the Ninja 1000, which features more refinements and electronics. Filling in below the Z900 is the new Z650, which is paired against an updated Ninja 650 as well.

All-in-all, the four machines give riders several choices in the sport bike segment from Kawasaki, depending on their needs and desires.











Source: Kawasaki USA

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