You know the new-bike season is just around the corner, because we’re starting to get glimpses of what the motorcycle OEMs will debut at shows like INTERMOT and EICMA.

We’ve already had a glimpse of the 2017 Honda CBR1000RR, as well as the 2017 BMW S1000R, and if the folks at Italian motorcycle magazine Motociclismo are correct, the following is a concept sketch of the four-cylinder 2017 MV Agusta Brutale.

The new Brutale is one of two new bikes that MV Agusta will launch at the EICMA show, with the other machine pegged as a special edition three-cylinder model.

To be up front, we don’t expect anything too crazy from MV Agusta for the 2017 model year, with the Italian company still limited in options by its financial situation.

What we do know though is that MV Agusta plans on focusing on its core bikes, namely the Brutale line – the first changes most obviously coming to the four-cylinder machines, as the three-cylinder bikes are still relatively fresh.

It will be interesting to see what solutions MV Agusta comes up with in time for EICMA, where we expect to see two new models from the Varese company, one of those obviously being this new Brutale.

For its four-cylinder Brutale, we expect the machine to use the current F4 superbike engine, which would bring some sanity to the model’s displacement choices.

We can expect power of the new Brutale to be inline with other models in the streetfighter segment. We also expect to see MV Agusta’s well-sorted MVICS electronics package added to the mix, semi-active electronic suspension seems likely as well.

The MV Agusta F4 continues to need a model revamp as well, though our understanding is that a new superbike is still a couple cycles away from appearing. MV Agusta’s plan seems to be to revamp the Brutale, and using that as a springboard for the F4. Time will tell, of course.

The other new MV Agusta at EICMA will be a three-cylinder special edition machine, though it remains to be seen if the special model will be based off the F3, Brutale, Dragster, or Turismo Veloce. We hope the latter, just for something new.

Source: Motociclismo

  • paulus

    ‘Maybe too little, too late’…a few model year cycles late compared to the other brands… but bravo them for making the obvious model to fit the current range. I wonder if the limited edition model will be BNG/repainted Mercedes edition model stock ;-)

  • MikeD

    I have always wanted one (seen a bunch on CL.)……………….but……………………….i’m afraid of owning a Unicorn that can only drink Pixie Tears, feed on pasture from the Elysian Fields and wear shoes only made by some sacred blacksmith located in Asgard made of gold from El Dorado.
    I can’t wait for the shows to be here………….(evil silent laugh.).
    Random Thought: With all the Triple Heritage and won championships they should have gone FULL TRIPLE on their line up (675, 800, 1000+.).
    The motorcycling world doesn’t need another 1000cc screaming flat crank I-4.
    Japan Inc. have us all covered in that segment. JMO.

  • Jorge

    I’ll wait for the Nico Rosberg edition.