BMW R nineT Racer – Yet Another Café Racer

10/04/2016 @ 1:42 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS


BMW Motorrad’s INTERMOT unveilings centered around two machines for its heritage lineup, the BMW R nineT Pure and the BMW R nineT Racer. Both bikes are based off the iconic air-cooled boxer-twin engine, and both bikes are exactly what their name implies.

The R nineT Pure is a basic street standard, styled for a forgotten era. The R nineT Racer adds a half-fairing to the mix, adding yet another café racer model to the list of choices the post-authentic crowd can pick from.

Admittedly, BMW’s design team did a good job with the 2017 BMW R nineT Racer, making a tasteful café model from the very flexible R nineT platform. We especially like the subtly done throwback white, blue, and red paint scheme.

The BMW R nineT has done well for itself with urban riders, and the BMW R nineT Scrambler is eagerly awaited, finally launching in the coming weeks around the world.

We expect similarly strong showings for the Racer and Pure models, though if we had to pick from the two, this would be the one.

The café racer design has enough character to invoke an older time, yet the bike comes with all the refinements of a modern-day motorcycle, including BMW’s Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and anti-locking brakes.

Wire-spoked wheels are optional, and pricing in Europe will be around €13,300. We’ll let you know when we have US availability and pricing information.




















Source: BMW

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  • jeff fearnow

    It’s handsome, but It’s outta my league.

  • MrDefo

    I thought the point of the RnineT was to be a modder’s dream. So instead of all the different models, why not sell kits to people so that they can make the bikes their own?

  • Ur Momma

    That’s not a real cafe racer… Real cafe racers have pipe-wrap and Coker Firestone repros.

  • Jonathan

    Can’t say I see the point in having a bike with such an aggressive riding position with a touring motor. The R1200RS is so much better than this garbage can.

  • transistorplanet

    I always get zilch for my on-point zingers, so here’s an upvote.

  • Nicholas Brown

    I don’t mean to be a downer here, but the bullet fairing look is pretty tired. Does anyone have a read on when the 70s will end and we can move on to fully-faired endurance racers from the 80s? That would be a pretty sweet kit for this bike. And I do like those longish, lowish clipons. But without a real fairing, I’m not really interested. Not my style.

  • paulus

    Exactly…. just make packages around the base models.
    Then again, I guess there are many who just want to buy it done.

  • paulus

    today’s touring motor was yesterday’s sports motor…. Not many people need 200 BHP for road use. I agree with you on the riding position.

  • Mitchel Durnell

    When the men powering the revival die. I sort of look forward to our weird retro-future designed bikes of the 2030s that look like early 2000s sportbikes.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    And another single sided swingarm hidden by a muffler. Seriously, what’s the point?

  • Jonathan

    Same here about the 200bhp, but I would never expect that either. Instead I expect a more compact engine and something easier on the body since it’s not worth racing. Oh well, at least people have more options now.

  • Ulysses Araujo
  • Timbo Baggins
  • Mill0048

    Thanks for that share!

  • Jorge

    Sad to see BMW cheaping out the R Nine T. Nothing for existing owners to trade up to. I have mine pretty much the way I want it but a factory model with full Ohlins race spec suspension, better wheels, lightweight frame, titanium exhaust, etc. would have been very cool to see. This bike has downgraded suspension all around, cheaper wheels, cheaper exhaust, useless fairing…

  • TM

    Beat me to it. Why bother going through the time and effort to make a SSSA and hide it with the muffler?

  • I do think we’re about to see the rise of 1970s dirt bikes and 1980s road bikes as the platform of choice for customizers.

  • My mom says I’m good looking too.

  • transistorplanet

    But she doesn’t understand my art.