2014 Kawasaki Z1000 Debuting at EICMA

10/01/2013 @ 2:44 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


With the KTM Super Duke 1290 R debuting today, and BMW Motorrad set to show its BMW S1000RR-based streetfighter in a couple weeks, we get news that Kawasaki will be upping its game in the street-naked category as well — debuting an all new 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan, Italy.

Teasing the bike for the past few weeks, this is the first news confirming the date and model in question from Kawasaki. Big Green isn’t talking specs at this point in time, but instead is using the Japanese word sugomi — “the intense aura or energy given off by a person or object of greatness and felt by the viewer” — to pitch the new Z1000.

With the liter-bike streetfighter segment pushing 165+ hp on new models, it will be interesting if Kawasaki’s “emotion and feel” pitch works on buyers. In our opinions, anything over 150hp just silly on a street bike, but street-naked owners are victim to the same spec-sheet racing forces that drive the the superbike market’s quest for more peak horsepower.

We assume the new Kawasaki Z1000 won’t quite have the same jaw-dropping horsepower figures that are found on the 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 R, 2014 KTM Super Duke R, or 2014 BMW S1000R, but Kawasaki could really bring a potent package with a budget price tag to fruition here, which could really get the attention of riders who commute during the week and canyon carve on the weekend. We’re certainly excited.

Source: Kawasaki


  • Anvil

    Oh, no.

    That silhouette looks mutant.

    I’m worried.

  • meatspin

    yeah, I dont get these new tank lines. I see a similar silhouette on the new 1290 KTM as well. It reminds me of a cats arched back.

  • “the intense aura or energy given off by a person or object of greatness and felt by the viewer”

    That’s an interesting translation. Certainly not one with which I’m familiar. 凄み typically translates to mean “intimidating” or “having appalling force”. Curious. Either way, though, sugomi seems applicable. :)

  • Nick N

    Slow bikes are more fun to ride fast, even on the track. This, the 1290 duke, I don’t get it. Why buy these, to compensate for erectile dysfunction? On what public road can you use 150+ HP? On what track will those speeds be fun on a naked bike? The industry moves upward and onward, but not forward.

  • paulus – thailand

    “In our opinions, anything over 150hp just silly on a street bike”

    Manufacturers continue to miss the point. Torque is the important number on a naked and/or street bike.
    They should be chasing torque.
    Big torque… starting as low down the range as possible :)

    B-King – 96.5 ft lbs of torque@ 7000 – rides like a pussy cat from tick over, if you want to.
    Z1 (current) – 81 ft lbs @ 7800 – less go, at higher revs
    Tuono V4 – 82.2 ft-lb 9.500 rpm – high and impractical road revs

  • Anvil

    Yeah, I know a lot of people are getting all hot and bothered over the KTM, but I don’t really get it. The law of diminishing returns applies here.

    I don’t really see the use of a 1300cc, 150+rwhp street bike, especially a naked bike. I downsized to a middleweight years ago because I just have no use for all that power on the street where I live. It was starting to get very frustrating and boring. Middleweights are even overkill.

    I think you can also overdo torque. I also don’t need or want a bike that will break the rear wheel loose at the slightest provocation. Give me a bike with a good balance between torque and revs and I’m happy. Just make it light and make it handle like a scalpel. That’s where the real fun is.

  • Too fast

    Menuda copia del lanzamiento de la Superduke 1290…la foto en la oscuridad, el video derrapando…qué poco originales…

  • MikeD


    I’m going to wait for the whole picture before i “roast it” . . . lol.

    So far it looks like a magnificent candidate for the “hot seat”.

    Dang thing looks already like it has some form of tumor growing full steam.

    Reminds of this this togheter with the SD1290R:


    I bet it’ll have tons of plastics for what it should really wear. (-_-)’

  • Phil K

    Whats with all the poo pooing Of big hp and performance. I’m lovin it. Add in all the electronics and this Power level works Great. I’m coming off a cbr1100xx and I felt like it needed more power. I say bring it on. People said the same thing When Bikes cracked 100hp then 125hp. Blah Blah Blah. Now those bikes are considered under powered. You Sound like a bunch of little girls.

  • MikeD

    @Phil K.

    Pay no mind to it. They (the HP shunning tribe) , just like each of us, have a right to voice their opinions. Read on with lots of salt. I find it funny because if anyone really spent some time looking around would realize there’s plenty of modern “under powered” good looking motorcycles to choose from . . . with more on the way, I HOPE.

    Good thing there’s always that ZX-14, Hayabusa, K1300S, VMAX 1700 or C14 to fix your HP fix.

  • I would love to get a few more ponies out of the current (2010+) ZR1000. However, the biggest up-grade a bike like that would benefit from is a taller 6th gear. The few times I’ve stretched the legs on my 2010, I wished for a little taller 6th. 100mph is a lot funner when your not at 10k rpm!