2015 Ducati Diavel Mega Gallery

03/03/2014 @ 1:58 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


Announced today at the Geneva Motor Show, the updated Ducati Diavel is being called a second-generation model, though the power cruiser offers only modest changes for the new model year.

For most riders, the key differences are the addition of the Testastretta 11° DS engine, new exhaust system, and full-LED headlight. These changes come with an additional $1,000 price tag to the “Dark Stealth” base model, and two Diavel Carbon machines (Ducati Red & White Star).

Peak power is the same (162hp) though comes in at 9,250 rpm rather than last year’s 9,500. Like the Dual Spark engine update on the Multistrada, the power range has been broadened, with more power lower in the revs than before. Peak torque is up though, to 96.3 lbs•ft — up from the 94 lbs•ft of last year.

Visually, the big changes are the stock exhaust (tailored to look more like the Ducati Performance Termignoni exhaust), as well as the radiator guards and LED headlight. It’s the headlight element that will catch most people out visually though.

Fans of the Diavel design will enjoy the refresh and modern tech, however if you happen to be in the group that never cared for the looks of Ducati’s Devil, we imagine the change will do little to woo you over. We fall into the latter group, as we’ve never been big fans of the Monster aesthetic, until we saw the Monster 1200 of course.

Without having swung a leg over the machine, we expect the “second-generation” Diavel to be just as much fun to ride as its predecessor. Low, comfortable, and fast…there isn’t much to dislike once you’re behind the handlebars of this machine. Expect to see bikes in or after April; but until then, enjoy the high-resolution photos we have after the jump.

















Source: Ducati

  • dagoof

    It’s quite remarkable. There is absolutely no angle where this thing looks good.

  • paulus

    That front headlight reminds me of ‘Alien’ head and jaws.
    I can imagine the small cluster shooting out and killing anybody who criticizes its design appeal….

  • ADG


    Looks like a fishing lure.

    So it may become a hit in the USA.

  • How does this bike come from the same company responsible for the 916, Monster, Super Classic, 1098 and Panigale design this UGLY bike! Performance wise great cruiser package but it’s just hideous!!

  • Yeah, I’m a fan for the format but this latest one is just not pretty or mechanical enough to be beautiful in any way. Compared to the Monster, this is just an ungainly brute and not in a good way. Bikes need to be pretty or distinctive at this coin. What happened Ducati?…the seats look comfy?

  • Dana Kincaid

    “That front headlight reminds me of ‘Alien’ head and jaws.”

    I was thinking the same thing. It’s very HR Giger, and not in the best of ways.

    Sure as frak isn’t a 900SS or 996…

  • L2C

    That thing is proper nasty, that’s why I like it.

  • L2C

    And some of those photos are really pushing the crossroads thing. Pretty funny.