2013 Mugen Shinden Ni (神電 貳) Revealed

05/10/2013 @ 12:57 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS


Shipped up and on its way to the Isle of Man, we can finally now see more than test shots of the Mugen Shinden Ni and get its basic racing specifications. The electric superbike that John McGuinness will ride in the 2013 TT Zero race at the Isle of Man TT, the Mugen Shinden Ni represents that evolution of the Japanese firm’s design, having now a TT race under its belt.

Like its main competitor MotoCzysz, Team Mugen is eyeing a 110 mph lap around the Mountain Course, which would be a pretty remarkable one-year advancement for either team. With Mr. McPint at the helm, and seemingly brimming with on-board energy, Mugen is a serious contender for the top stop on the podium. It should make for some good racing in a few weeks’ time.

Looking at the finalized design, it is clear that Mugen has made some minor modifications to the shape of the front fairing (check our up-close photos of the 2012 machine here), which shows a more pronounced snout than the original Mugen Shinden. The tail section has seen more noticeable improvements over the first design, and now has rearward facing vents, presumably to facilitate some kind of cooling.

The same gorgeous carbon fiber twin-spar frame stands out on the Shinden Ni, and there are subtle changes to how the bodywork comes together, for instance with the pieces that connect to the rearsets, the mudguard, and front fender.

While the outward changes seem to be minor and most for improved aerodynamics, we expect what is underneath the fairings to be where Mugen expects to make the most gains with its lap-times. Forty-four pounds lighter than its predecessor (apparently all in battery weight), the Mugen Shinden Ni should be a more manageable machine for McGuinness, and the team should have a better plan of attack in regard to its energy usage.

It will be interesting to see if Mugen has anymore on-board energy than last year with such a massive weightloss occurring on the electric superbike. As we are fond of saying, only time will tell. The Isle of Man TT kicks off in just 15 days.


Technical Specifications of the Mugen Shinden Ni (神電 貳):

Length / Width / Height: 2,125mm /680mm / 1,130mm
Wheelbase: 1,485mm
Ground Clearance: 130mm
Seat Height: 840mm
Curb Weight: 240kg / 529lbs
Tire (Front): 120/70ZR17M/C(58W)
Tire (Rear): 200/55ZR17M/C(78W)
Frame: CFRP Twin-Spar-Type
Motor Type: Three Phase Brushless DC motors
Horsepower: 90kW / 120hp
Torque: 220Nm / 162 lbs•ft
Battery: Lithium-ion
Battery Output: 370V or more

2013 Mugen Shinden Ni:

2012 Mugen Shinden:

Source: Mugen; Photos: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Gutterslob

    The carbon work and little details are lovely, but that graphic/paint-jop makes it look more rotund than necessary. I wonder if, down the line, electric bikes will be the ones to advance carbon fiber frame design and bring it to the masses.

  • Damo

    I love the fact that they when full anime over the top with the livery.

  • Congratulations and best of luck to the Mugen team. It’s not the prettiest thing, but I’m guessing it will be fast!

  • Plenty of time for them to ship the bike over for a guest appearance at Laguna Seca for the FIM eRoadRacing round. Brammo, Lightning, Motoczysz, Muench, Mission, Virginia Tech, Amarok, AND Mugen would make for a record grid and great racing!

  • protomech

    Yes, let’s have a great big rumble at Laguna Seca : )

    Does the Mugen Shinden not have a rear foot brake? Looking at the 2012 bike I don’t see a foot brake lever there either. Is it combined braking off of the front lever?

  • Westward


    Interesting point considering that the bikes are almost 91kg (200lbs) more in weight…

  • Gutterslob

    That’s why I clearly said “down the line”. Most of that weight is undoubtedly batteries anyway, and that’s where the most advancement (weight, range, charge times) has to be made at the end of the day. Still you can’t argue that they’re at least being bold with the carbon chassis here, unlike the rather conservative road most of these marques seem to take with their grand prix programmes.

  • Damo


    If they are preping the bike for John McGuinness he always relocates his break lever to his left thumb. Troy Corser and a few other folks always do that.

    Brembo actually sells a kit to do it.

  • Matt

    Maxell? A main sponsor? They can’t be of much support. Do they still make cassette tapes?

  • Ken C.

    Somebody beat this thing with an ugly stick.

  • RE: The rear brake lever. You’ll notice that both Shinden motorcycles have a clutch lever, yet no clutch on the bike…

  • vinny

    Looks to me like they just moved the rear brake to the spot where the clutch used to be. No need for a foot brake anymore.

  • Dr. Gellar

    @ BrammoBrian

    That may be wishful thinking having all those competitors show up at Laguna in a couple months, but I am right there with you hoping for the same thing. I’d certainly love to see it happen.

  • ZootCadiilac

    Oh No.

  • Skadamo

    Love the graphics! Can’t wait for the TT.

  • Faust


    Don’t worry, the rest of us understood that what you meant is that due to heavy battery packs, ebikes will be more willing to advance weight savings in all other areas. We’re picking up what you’re puttin down.

  • Jordan

    Being that they are mutual business parterns, it would be nice to see Toyota and Yamaha offer up something to compete with the Shinden.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    No vents in the fairings…the battery doesn’t heat up?

  • Mike

    This and the icon brammo are the only 2 electrics that I WANT BADLY!!

  • meatspin

    the bike looks awesome. The 5 year old in me highly approves.

  • Sam Noah

    I love the paint job. It resemble Japan. Gooooooooooooo McPint!!!!

  • At least it has real tires, made in Great Britain, not that pseudo-polyurethane crap Bridgestone is using in Moto GP :)