2011 Triumph Tiger 800 & Tiger 800 XC Details Released

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Triumph has been teasing us for months about its new Tiger 800 & Tiger 800 XC adventure motorcycles, and now finally the wait is over as both bikes have debuted at EICMA. Centered around a three-cylinder 799cc motor, the Triumph Tiger 800 & Triumph Tiger 800 XC make 95hp and 58 lbs•ft of torque, which will likely come as a disappointment for many who were expecting more out of the stroked Daytona lump. Things get worse as the Tiger 800 tips the scales 463 lbs at the curb, while the Tiger 800 XC weighs in at 474 lbs, making both bikes comparatively heavy and underpowered to their middleweight adventure bike counterparts.

On the positive side, both bikes have a adjustable seat height and handlebars, while the Tiger 800 gets a 19″ front rim and the Tiger 800 XC gets a more dirt-worthy 21″ front wheel. Both bikes have an optional ABS package that can be disabled, which will make off-roaders happy, while the 5 gallon fuel tank should make long trips easier for the road warriors, and extend how far into the boonies one can adventure.

The Tiger 800 comes with 43mm USD forks, while the Tiger 800 XC gets larger 45mm ones. Both bikes feature dual-308mm disc brakes with standard mounted Brembo dual-piston calipers. Seat height on the Tiger 800 can be adjusted from 31.8″ to 32.6″, while the Tiger 800 XC benefits from its longer suspension, and sees its seat height adjustability range came in between 33.3″ and 34″. With a 550W alternator, the Tiger 800’s are ready for a plethora of electrical devices, that we are sure Triumph would like to sell you. No word yet on when the bikes will hit dealers, or what pricing will be like.

2011 Triumph Tiger 800 & 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Action Shots:

2011 Triumph Tiger 800 & 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Studio Shots: