2010 Aprilia Shiver 750 Photos & Details Leaked

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UPDATE: Aprilia has released official photos and information on the 2010 Aprilia Shiver 750.

Making it a 2 for 2 Saturday, we have also gotten some leaked photos of the 2010 Aprilia Shiver, and it looks like the new Shiver carries with it the same disappointment we had with the 2010 Aprilia Dorsoduro Factory. Obvious changes are the sportier look that includes a fairing around the dash mounting, as well as wave disc-brakes fore and aft. Despite the tastefully done facelift, the feature we wanted the most was a diet for this 417lb (dry), but otherwise perfect daily rider.

Allegedly, Aprilia marketing went back to the conference to figure out why the Shiver wasn’t selling as well as had been hoped. The conclusion they reached was the bike’s looks, and not its anemic powerplant and over-weight chassis. Hence, the result we see above, and below in the photo gallery.

Although the 2010 Shiver sits about an inch and a half lower than the 2009 model, there seems to be little indication that the bike has gone on any sort of any weight reduction. Although certain parts of the bike look to be re-tooled for weight, the passenger pegs for example, we can’t see a significant weight savings coming from this process. Maybe at best a couple pounds.

Aside from these cosemetic changes, the 2010 Shiver will feature the same motor and electronics package. It will also feature the same limited suspension adjustments found on the forks and rear-shock. Perhaps Aprilia is waiting to wow us with a Shiver Factory that employs fully adjustable suspension (like on the 2010 Dorsoduro Factory), even still were not sure Aprilia hit this one on the head if they want to compete with the other medium displacement naked streetbike segment. Expect a detailed report and photos in the next few days as we report live from Milan at the EICMA motorcycle show.