Video: Vintage Cycle Service

02/06/2011 @ 6:02 am, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS

Maybe it’s the low-key feel-good guitar music, or the fact that this video is about a small motorcycle mechanic based in the picturesque city of Florence, Italy (a villa this author used to live in), but there is something about this short film that just makes us feel good about life, motorcycling, and everything else. Promoting a specialty shop for vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the time and effort gone into this five+ minute video is perhaps indicative of the sort of service you’d find at Vintage Cycle Service of Firenze.

With macro shots of some of the finer things regarding zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, we get a glimpse not only on the rich heritage of the Milwaukee brand (note the AMF co-branded tanks scattered about), but a full-immersion into the off-beaten path of motorcycle culture (note the human skull in open-face helmet). You could probably spend hours poking around this shop, looking at different interesting items…or just whittle the time away as the mechanic perfects one of America’s less-than-perfect designs.

The quality is so good, we thought for almost a minute that Harley-Davidson had finally put together a compelling demand marketing campaign, nope just some guys who love bikes and film, achieving what a Fortune 500 company cannot.

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  • irksome

    Some unpleasant quick fades but overall, much better than HD’s newest ad campaigns. I loved the “Who’s Jesse?” sticker shot and the late ’50s pan-head tank badge..

    What, no bars/pool tables/young and attractive women drooling over bearded and pot-bellied pirates?

  • Richard Gozinya

    Wow, that made me actually want to ride a Harley. Been a long time since that’s happened.

  • irksome

    Richard: Take deep breaths. I only get that way when I see a ’77 XLCR.