Video: BMW S1000RR Valves Redux

03/25/2010 @ 10:35 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

You may remember the cult motorcycle YouTube classic “BMW S1000RR Titanium Valves at 14,200 RPM“, well now we have a sequel to that movie. Showing the BMW’s titanium valves from a cylinder’s point of view, this S1000RR is rev’d through the rpm range with interesting results.

Because of the shutter effect on the video recorder we see the valves go through their motions until finally seemingly stopping as the shutter rate and valve moment go out of sync and re-sync. If you ever wanted to know what was going on inside you bike, here’s a good start on the subject. Video after the jump.

Source: SoloMoto30 via Moto22

  • Doctor Jelly

    I didn’t realize they ran the intake right through the steering head…

  • joe

    I didn’t realize valves spun.

  • ziptech

    Not only valves, but springs, too. The earlier clip of the finger followers and springs had them rotating amazingly fast. The valve keepers become almost complete unweighted under their own mass a long time before 14,200 rpm.

    The springs can get so hot during rapid deformation, that the oil on them turns to vapor in slow-mo… think there was a clip after the ’99 R6 first came out that touted the VX steel in them that could withstand 15,500 rpm — the spring was progressive to tune out bad resonations… but even so it looked like it would come apart any second. :O

  • funk


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