Video: BMW S1000R vs. BMW M3

05/02/2011 @ 12:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS

Ah, the age old question of which is faster: a car or a motorcycle? We’ve seen the answer debated countless times on internet forums to no avail, and it seems at some point every publication in both the two-wheeled and four-wheeled realms tackles this issue in their own way. BMW recently took up the challenge to see which was faster, and the answer was painfully simple: the BMW…we jest.

Here’s the setup though, two of BMW’s fastest machines, a BMW M3 & BMW S1000RR, start at opposite ends of an unknown course. Unleashing their beasts at the same time, they lap until one catches the other, thus definitively faster. Sounds simple enough, right? There is a kicker though: part-way through, it starts raining. Make your guesses now as to whom won the race, and watch it unfold after the jump. Thanks for the tip Craig!

Source: BMW Motorrad (YouTube)

  • 76

    I’d like alittle background on Nico & Rico, who the hell are these guys?

  • Keith

    heh in the wet no less. Nice akropovic ad. 8^) Now for a dry test!

  • Vlad

    Full names are Nico Bastian & Rico Penzkofer.

  • BikePilot

    Moto > Cage. Done.

  • andrey

    WTF the track was damp in some spots and wet in others AT THE START!
    The next time the catch up would be in 10 laps!

  • ed

    uninteresting videos require flashy editing and overdone sound effects

  • Minibull

    A-crop-o-vich??!! I thought it was Akra-po-vik…

  • Minibull

    I also dislike that “top gear” style of filming, all flashy, etc. Its obvious they’re not racing when there are camera cars swarming round the track filming the “action” shots. And drifting in the car? Coz thats the fastest way round the track…

  • A-crop-o-vich, as you put it, is the proper pronunciation considering its a Slavic name.

  • Minibull

    True, just sounded strange with an American accent…;)

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  • Andrew

    This wasn’t a test – it was an ad. Which is OK as far as it goes, but I think you should state this in your write-up… I for one wanted to see which one would be faster for real, and I was disappointed.
    They both sounded good though, I’ll give them that :)

  • Shaitan

    Dorky video advertisement lacking in real credibility, but still fun.

  • Ralph

    Akra it is!

    Nice Advideoal! ! ! Advertorial in a video…

    It’s still a decal on a factory Yamaha unit in MotoGP on the YZR-M1!

    – Termignoni

    – Leon Vince

  • Brad

    A quick google reveals Nico & Rico do have some racing credibility between them… sure it’s an ad for BMW and Akra… but it still looks the goods. BMW don’t really have anything to gain by fixing the result.

  • ah seng

    i knew it.. superbike is faster than supercar… proven over and over again. especially on a monstrous BMW S1000RR.

  • Luka

    The track is Grobnik near Rijeka in Croatia. It’s a former (till 1989 i thing) MotoGP track and it’s very fast so the car doesn’t have a lot of chance. Too bad they didn’t show the times they made so we can compare it to the times that car & bikes normally do.
    The race cars with advanced amateurs or sem-pros ( Radical SR8 LM ) lap around 1.33 on open track events and almost stock Lotus Exige, Porsche Cayman S GT or BMW M3 do 1.45 to 1.48.

    The really fast amateur bikers (amateur racing series – superstock) with almost stock 1000 cc bikes do 1.32 to 1.35, while the guys who sometimes get wildcard for european or world superbike & supersport do 1.29 to 1.32.

    The record for bikes is 1.29.XX, but no world class racer with a real modern race bike has driven here since motoGP days.

    So even if the M3 did a very fast 1.35 to 1.40 it’s still an easy time to beat for the bike.

    Nice video :)