Spend Your Next Track Day at the Slovakiaring

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Nothing beats the winter months off-season than planning your summer motorcycling adventures, so let us propose a summer excursion: head to Eastern Europe and ride the Slovakiaring. Located just outside of Bratislava, the new track facility promises to have something for everyone with its 6 different circuits, and top-notch facilities. Video after the jump.

With an off-road circuit, go-kart track, and road course, all of which can be ridden in either direction, the Slovakiaring offers a total of six different courses to sooth your track day itch. Add into the mix some fine pit facilities and gorgeous Eastern European umbrella girls, and you might never leave.

Ccheck out the video below for a glimpse of the ‘ring’s nice elevation changes, super-fast sweepers, and wide track layout. We hear the track will be available for public use in the near future.