Who Said Scooters Aren’t Cool?

11/15/2011 @ 8:16 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

In the US, you’d be hard pressed to hear someone say that scooters are for the cool kids. The Diet-Coke of motorcycling, scooters get a bum wrap in the two-wheeled world because of their low horsepower, walk-through seat, and their snooze-fest urban practicality. Despite being the perfect way to get around a city like San Francisco, riders looking to make more of a statement usually opt for something along a different train of thought. Ask around your local bike night, and you’ll hear that scooters are only good for new riders, girls, or men who wear pants so tight you can tell their religion.

Well, if that’s been your experience too, then you probably don’t know Boulon. A product of the south of France, Boulon certainly knows how to make scooters look hip (is that the word kids are using these days?) as he shreds this skatepark on his personal transportation device. A well-shot video of some hooligan fun, our only complaint would be the lack of a helmet. Come on Boulon, you have to set an example for the children. Video after the jump.

Source: Vimeo

  • KDubya

    still not cool

  • Davin Black

    Scooters still aren’t cool to me.

    I will say this though – some pretty cool *people* ride scooters…I dunno what it is about the things, but over the last couple of years I’ve met some very cool people who happen to ride Vespas and such.

  • cyron

    Draggin knee and crashin like a boss on a 125cc GY6 Scooter.

  • 76

    cool no, useful sure, fun? well depending on whos riding

  • John Magnum

    Poor kids are kickin back thinkin when’s this penis head gunna leave.
    Im not impressed until its done on a Goldwing…..

  • Other Sean

    Arrive at skatepark wearing helmet.

    Flip off the camera.

    Proceed to do jumps on scooter sans helmet.

  • Jake Fox

    Probably fun but he still looks like a tool doing it.

  • alexofc69

    why is it called a Vespa session? There is not a Vespa in the entire video?

  • Pedro

    :| unimpressed by this.
    And what’s with the finger on the beginning of the video, is that supposed to be cool too ?

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  • majortom

    wow. “cool” 35 year old guy showing off for 14 year olds. That’s gonna work…….

  • What a douchebag!

  • Scooters are pretty crazy in Italy and France! Especially those ones who paint it like the Doctor’s scooter!

  • Jack Challoner’s Extreme ‘Tunnel Trials’ is beyond words, WAY cooler than this. I understand the stupid fun that someone can have doing this stuff on a scooter – I did it when my self and my friends were about 15 and had access to a real POS scooter – but it’s not going to impress anyone(nor make scooter riding ‘cool’). Take a trials bike to a skate park though, NOW I’m interested!