Range Rover vs. New York Motorcyclists – Seriously, WTF

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With the advent of cheap wearable cameras, the internet has become awash with road rage videos, which unsurprisingly sometimes feature motorcyclists. Sometimes these cameras catch acts of two-wheeled stupidity, and sometimes these videos highlight the dangers motorcyclists must face on the open road.

That brings us to our latest edition, where a large group of motorcyclists in New York are caught on film having an altercation with a Range Rover Sport.

We come into the incident after it begins, with a pack of motorcycles enveloped around the SUV on the West Side Highway, and a couple riders already gesticulating with the driver, Alexian Lien. One motorcyclist pulls in front of the Range Rover, brake-checks the four-wheeler, and is subsequently rear-ended…things then spiral out of control from there.

Though it would appear the rider stayed upright, things come to a stop on the roadway, though moments later the Range Rover is then seen driving through the stopped motorcycles.

Once that happens, the chase is on. Exiting the freeway, one rider comes close to opening the driver’s side door before the SUV speeds off again.

The group finally catches the SUV in downtown traffic, where a couple members dismount their bikes and begin breaking the windows of the vehicle. The video ends.

According to the NYPD, Lien was then dragged out of his car, beaten in the street, and cut with a knife on his face.

Lien told police he feared for the safety of his wife and five-month-old daughter, who were in the car with him, as the motorcycles surrounded his vehicle and began beating it on the highway. He then ran over three motorcycles in a bid to escape the assault, as well as one motorcyclist, whose leg was broken as a result.

It’s clear that the motorcyclists in question here feel they were wronged by the driver in the SUV, and thus required a healthy dose of vigilante justice, but we’ve got news for the t-shirt and back protecter crowd.

You caused this incident and outcome. You are the douche bag no-brain riders that give the rest of us a bad name. We really wish you’d take up another sport, like golf or chuteless skydiving. Thanks for the tip Peter!

Source: NY Daily News