Photos: seDUCATIve vs. MANigale

08/29/2012 @ 11:28 am, by Jensen Beeler37 COMMENTS

In case you haven’t heard one of my tirades on the subject before, I’m not a big fan of the “girl on a bike” trope that seems so ever-present in the motorcycle world. Yeah, if I regularly dedicated our post list to a few scantily clad women it would probably do wonders to our pageviews report; but honestly, I have zero intentions of ever having Asphalt & Rubber chase and pander to an audience.

In case you didn’t know, if you really need some eye candy of the opposite sex, there are plenty of other websites on the internet that can suit your desires.

So, when we saw Portland-based Ducati dealer MotoCorsa do a photo shoot with a lovely lady named Kylie and a Ducati 1199 Panigale, we passed on running the photos. Then something interesting happened: MotoCorsa did a follow-up photo shoot, this time with men from around the shop, recreating the shots from the photo shoot with Kylie. Perhaps not the most flattering photos we’ve ever seen, it is however a delicious role-reversal, not to mention showing some good humor from the gentlemen involved.

Apparently a successful ad campaign in the motorcycle industry doesn’t have to be all Miracle Bras and ass cheeks…well, at least not in the traditional sense. Who knew?

MotoCorsa seDUCATIve Photo Shoot:

MotoCorsa MANigale Photo Shoot:

Source: MotoCorsa; Photos: Alicia Mariah Elfving

  • Micahel


  • John O

    I’m sorry, but that’s farking hilarious!

  • Joe

    This is awesome! love the sense of humor. This shop seems like it’s nothing but great people. Check out their facebook page- “Team London the 2 Legged Pit Bull”. Looks like they have some side projects going on as well. Great work Moto Corsa!

  • philly Phil


  • Jake F.

    Those shoes are FABULOUS!!!

  • RedNick

    You ‘re starting to scare me a little !

  • JW

    I showed my wife, she now likes A and R a little better now, in the past she has accused me of spending too much time with my other girlfriend moto GP

  • wow that’s funny!!! Glad i ride an RSV4 cause thats kinda embarrassing!! lol…

  • Campisi

    I have to admit, my opinion of the entire Ducati brand has improved because of the humour of this campaign.

  • LMFAO!! dont think there is any thing more to say….

  • Ray

    I thought it was obvious already, but apparently someone felt the need to illustrate why pinups have always been female. Kudos to the guys at Motocorsa for having the guts to do this.

  • Andrey

    Did anyone notice the writing on the wall? ….. “All cracks leak”
    Hidden meaning there do you think???

  • Bellini

    Well, the girl is mighty hot… the bike is sexy. I chose not to see anything else.

  • Alonzo B

    I know Arun and the Motocorsa folks It hurts my eyes but its funny as hell. Nice work and Kylie, thanks for making it palatable

  • Spektre76

    Need to add a “NSFW” tag or your eyes!

  • Andrew

    What girl ??

  • Leo

    Why oh why!!!!! Really??????
    I’m 1 click away from deleting A&R from my faves… Seriously…..WTF!

  • Steve Lang

    That is soooo funny! That took a lot of balls…so to speak. I am a huge fan of self deprecating humor. This is perfect and certainly more entertaining than waiting for Ducati to be up front at a Moto GP race. Kudos to whoever thought this up. Bravo!

  • Hilarious. You gotta love humour.

  • David

    Supercross riders know how to do this better.

    Miss Supercross and Baggett photo shoot.

    I love off the wall humor…even if it does burn my eyes.

  • anders eliasson

    Ugh, what has been seen cannot be unseen, aaahhhh …


  • TimM

    Does this bike make my butt look big?

  • John

    PLEASE take this down!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Patron

    Ummm…how dare you, they, and myself for clicking on this link.

  • irksome

    @TimM: “It’s not the bike, dear.”

    But my favorite answer-I-cannot-utter is “At your age, what does it matter?”

  • Cgit

    epic fail, im gay now

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  • Anna

    Thank you so much for this! it’s nice to see it go the other way for once :)

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  • I hope some of you guys are trying to be as funny as these pictures, otherwise you should go to your local GP to see if they’ll sort you an appointment with a surgeon to get the sticks removed out of your butts!

  • my vote still goes for the models on the left… consider me old fashioned

  • kymbo

    Fantastic, I cryed from laughing soo much, thanks guys and thanks for keeping the bimbo’s off the bikes on this site.

  • Nick

    Nicely done.

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  • I’m too lazy to click to embiggen, so I will assume the b—hes here are as ugly as the guys they chose.

    I don’t know why they would choose ugly guys. As a bi male, I have seen pics videos of naked guys on bikes so hot they would melt the brass zipper off your blue jeans, but apparently those models cost more and these people could not afford them. Or they were scared that photographing hot guys would “make them gay.” (Hint: I would stop worrying about that.)

    Another puzzle: none of these males have the same body types as the females. How do you expect them to get into the same poses, let alone look good doing it? Who would expect a 20 year-old Kate Moss to look good in the poses used by 25 year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Mr Universe contest, or vice-versa?