Olivier Henrichot Pens Ducati/Fila Shoes

09/03/2009 @ 3:51 am, by Jensen Beeler1 COMMENT


Taking cues from the Ducati Monster, Olivier Henrichot has put his photoshop skills towards creating a Ducati & Fila branded athletic shoe that takes the Monster’s frame and fuel tank visuals, and incorporated them into the shoe’s design elements.

Before Ducati hired Puma to put the Italian brand on every garment the company created, Fila use to partner with Ducati, providing shirts, hats, etc. Drawing on that inspiration, Henrichot has come up with a reimagining of what a joint Ducati/Fila shoe could look like today.

We personally like the integration of the trellis frame into the arch of the shoe, and we think the red/black/magnesium look would match our Streetfighter quite nicely. Check out the rest of Henrichot’s portfolio for a glimpse at what he’s done with the Ferrari mark as well.

Source: Coroflot via AutoBlog

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  • michael

    I had a pair of what i find to be the f2003 pit crew shoes for about 100 bucks about 4 or 5 years ago brand new. i saw a pair similar. 170 bucks. I found these “concept designs” i love them and cant wait to see some. want them. would have them. any suggestions or comments?