“I’m So Sorry. Are You Okay?”

02/07/2011 @ 9:46 am, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS

We don’t really know how this accident happened on the byway (it’s hard not to notice a motorcycle that you sat behind at a traffic light just seconds earlier), but we’re pretty sure of two things: 1) that Suzuki is a total loss, and 2) the rider’s face plant into the Mitsubishi SUV will buff right out. It’s amazing that his rear-end job didn’t result in a worse outcome for the motorcyclist (from what we can tell at least). Thank goodness for ATGATT. Thanks for the tip Jason!

Source: Jalopnik

  • CBR600RR

    Wow…Just Wow!

    Thankfully he is ok!

  • Amazing, glad to see the guy seemed to walk away unharmed. This is exactly why Diving instructors over here tell you to keep at least a bike-length distance even when standing still, and always keep it in first gear. This way when you spot a car in your mirror coming at you, at least you have a chance.

    If he had a rear-view camera, I’d bet a few bucks that the was on the phone, or playing with the navigation, or the radio. Definitely not looking ahead in any way.

  • buellracerx

    Thankfully the Suzuki is a total loss, otherwise some of that energy may have been absorbed by the rider…

    Hopefully this serves as a reminder to those who text, eat, apply makeup, etc. while driving to START SEEING MOTORCYCLES

  • BikePilot

    Always, always watch the mirrors, especially when braking hard in a situation like that. Often its better to go around a cage that suddenly slows than to break hard with it as ya never know if the next cage will stop in time. Very glad the rider is ok.

  • I was hit like that in a stop signal. Was a minor hit, but the car driver began his speech with the typical “I didn’t see you… I belive… I thought…” I hate that. Use your f*cking eyes!

    Lucky rider, btw.

  • CFC

    Female. At least she said sorry. So many would try to avoid accountability.

  • JoshG

    This is the intersection of 19th and Lincoln in San Francisco, part of my daily commute. Street is extremely sketchy and the best of times.

  • JoshG

    “at” the best of times, that is.

  • Big Tray


  • 2strokes rule

    f that, it would be incredibly hard for me to not beat the .s .out of that woman driving the car…

  • 2strokes rule

    someone on youtube pointed out that she was using something (phone)at :17 and puts it in her pocket at :18

  • Andrey

    Riding into the sun, stopped in a shadow and stopped pretty quickly because he didn’t have enough distance to brake slowly. Not blaming the rider of course but when riding into the sun we all become much less noticeable. Had she been paying attention though, it would not have happened. Lucky lucky guy. She certainly looked like she was putting something away before she got out of the car. I would request her cellphone records.

  • I was rear ended when stopped at a STOP sign, by a taxi, he hit me at less than 5mph but it jettisoned me over my R60/5 full tour fairing into the intersection. That was over 30 years ago, car or bike from that day forward a mandatory part of any pull up is a check of my mirrors for the whacko that is NOT reducing speed along with me. Oh, the Passengers in the taxi, whilst I was on the ground they gave me ‘that’ look, like they were looking at scum, very disheartening. Oh my beautiful BMW, new top box, new rear carrier, and horrendous burn to my inner leg with hair roots infected, all of course at my cost. Never, never forget to look in your mirrors!

  • 76

    Part of me after catching my breath and counting my limbs would have knocked grandma out, sorry but the truth, I really dont care who it is at that point, its my life and you fcked with it.

    Remember to filter as much as humanly possible and keep up pressure to the states that still havent caught on yet that its not only safter but faster for everyone.

  • waynecyclebum

    They shouldn’t let the stupid people drive. They need to make the test to get a drivers license much tougher.

  • Keith

    That isn’t an accident, it is a collisions with intent.

  • Shaitan

    Sad to see a typical example, but AT LEAST she got out and actually asked if he was okay — I’ve been hit and totally avoided as people literally hid in their cars.

  • Steveo

    Closest I ever came was a busy 4 lane road, I was turning left I had no mirrors on my bike (I do now) I pulled through a narrow gap in traffic but enough that oncoming didn’t have to touch there brakes, the same instant I pulled away I heard a screech when I cleared the 2 on coming lanes I saw tire smoke and a car pulling away from a panic stop had I not jumped the chance they would have hit me at between 25-45.

    Needless to say I bought mirrors that night and I check, check check and in town its rare I don’t know who is beside and behind me.

  • Dragonchow

    If it were me, after a “Thank you God!” I would get witness info, contact a lawyer (the slimier the better) and begin the process of financially cleaning her eff’ing clock. The state probably eventually let her off with a BS “defective vehicle” but I’d make damn sure she wouldn’t be able to afford insurance for the next 5 years!

  • Texting while driving. pure luck he didn’t get killed
    take her license