Motorcycle Advertising – Allstate Gets It

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We spend days wading through different marketing and advertising pieces by various groups in the motorcycle industry, which really only makes us believe firmly that either a) advertising companies have no idea how to connect with motorcyclists, and 2) motorcycle industry companies have no idea how to connect with their customers.

Leaving the data aside to prove this theory, we came across this gem from Allstate Insurance, called “Ghost Bikes” that’s been playing on major television channels lately here in the US. We don’t have the info on who/what agency worked on this for Allstate, or if it was done all in-house. If you’re in the know, tell us in the comments so someone can get some credit for it.

Whoever it is, it looks like someone in the industry actually knows the term demand generation, and how to build creatives that speak to our industry niche. Kudos Allstate.