Lamborghini vs. BMW — It’s Not What You Think

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A crime against motorcycling, one Lamborghini Murcielago owner may have inadvertently thrown some more fuel on the car vs. motorcycle fire with this latest bone-head move. Losing control of the Lambo outside of a BMW dealership in Como, a certain Italian driver is responsible for sending nine german two-wheelers to the scrapyard. The motorcycles were parked outside of the dealership’s showroom, as the driver and his occupant careened through the row of bikes.

It’s reported by that the driver of the Lamborghini moved into the oncoming lane of traffic before losing control of the car, which then crashed into the parked motorcycles. Nicking nine bikes in total, two were customer bikes, while the other seven were demo units. The crash also injured three people, though none of them were seriously hurt. Cracking the showroom window of the dealership in the process, it is estimated that the total damage from the crash is €500,000.

Source: & Motorsports Newswire