Can the KTM 200 Duke Ride Thru Knee-High Water?

05/16/2012 @ 8:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS

For some, the KTM 125 Duke is just not quite enough machine to get their two-wheeled juices flowing, and thus the KTM 200 Duke & soon-to-be-expected KTM 350 Duke were born. With the Austrian motorcycle maker KTM partnering with India’s second-largest motorcycle brand Bajaj to make the baby Duke, it should come as no surprise then that many of these models are ending up outside of Europe, and in Asian markets…namely India itself.

While us Westerners might think of the KTM 200 Duke as a fairly practical machine, buyers in India are a bit more skeptical, since their day-to-day travel can be a bit more varied than ours. You see, India right now is preparing for its summer monsoon season, and flooding in certain regions is more of a certainty than a special phenomenon. So while an underslung exhaust might look stylish to us Americans, to an Indian motorcyclist it could look to be more of a liability.

Hoping to purge that thought from Indian riders’ minds, KTM has put together this video outlining its wet-weather survivability testing. If you ever wanted to know whether you can park the KTM 200 Duke in wheel-high water for 30 minutes or more sans snorkel, check out the video after the jump.

Source: Bike Advice via Motorpasionmoto

  • Ducatisti

    Now this is high water, to the handlebars! watch the video …

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  • Richard Gozinya

    Looks like people in India expect more from their motorcycles than we do.

  • Keith

    Should be popular along the missisippi. In lousianna, florida…and couple other states also.

  • So the wheel bearings and brakes are also made to last underwater?? I thought ktm made bikes not boats!!

  • Kirk

    Wow, I’ve had my dirt bikes in water up to the bottom of the seat but never conceived of this on a street bike. That’s pretty awesome. Also, I want one of these. ;) I assume they won’t be coming to the USA…

  • Here in Brazil, in the winter, we pass thru some waters sometimes.

  • BBQdog

    Bikes get very silent qua exhaust en mechanical sound while riding throught water. Hope this doesn’t give Al Gore some bad idea.

  • Westward

    Wow, add a full fairing or don’t, but add 50 more CC’s and this thing will rock the CBR 250 and the Ninja 250r…

  • Which is pretty much what KTM is going to do with its 350cc Moto3-inspired street bike.

  • Bill

    As long as the intake is above water pretty much any motorcycle can do this. Yes even a Harley. Still well done to them for taking the time to address concerns of the target market.

  • Now THOSE are some bike tests.