Congratulations and welcome to 2013. We imagine that there are a few of you who aren’t firing on all your cylinders yet today, so we will ease you into a new year of motorcycle news with a nice little video, which was made by the folks at Skateboarder Magazine. No, your hangover is not making you see things, we are in fact talking about skateboarding on a motorcycle site.

You see, there is an interesting intersection between the skateboarding and motorcycle subcultures — something about the desire to go one’s own way, to engage in some activity of questionable safety, and to enjoy life in the present, much to the chagrin of everyone else. The crossover may no be as obvious in practice, but it’s there.

For instance, when Harley-Davidson finally figured out that it needed to start appealing to consumers under the age of 40, the first demographic it targeted (with some success) was the skateboarding crowd. Take a look at some of the earlier Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight ads, and see if you can’t pick up on the LBC living, Airwalk wearing, grinder vibe that’s going on there.

So as we already said, for your viewing pleasure today we have a nicely done video by the folks at Skateboarder Magazine, which covers their motley crew riding and skating through Vietnam. The whole piece is a great example of what it is like to travel in Southeast Asia, and puts a lot in perspective as to just how massive the market is there. The traffic is a bit insane as well, especially for these novice riders.

Source: Skateboarder Magazine (Vimeo)

  • RushinRussian

    “It sounds really awesome, but as soon as I saw one, and then rode one, I was pretty much over it.” You could say that about virtually every Russian motorcycle.

  • That video was outstanding in every sense. Well done!

  • Slangbuster

    What a great experience for those guys What a blast. Good for them

  • gomer pyle

    “even a glass of water can really fuck you up here ” !!!

    Vietnam in 2012 and the water is still deadly

  • jjrider

    Great story combining two sports I am very fond of.

  • paulus – Thailand

    good video. Bunch of guys having fun.
    Shame about the need to graffitti on the natural beauty.

    This is riding in the developing world.
    You dont need a BMW GS or big adventure bike!

  • Cathy

    Riding gear that keeps you warm and safe….is always better when riding in the cold and the elements….I loved the film….I loved the shots of skating in the country and at interesting landmarks….especially the surprised look on the spectators faces!!

  • Dave

    That was awesome.

  • David

    Now that shows you the real “motorcycling” not as a niche but as a culture.

  • Westward

    I’m jealous…

    What I want to know, is, how did all those ducks get that lady to take them across Vietnam on a motorbike? What happen to the flying Vee, or did they just want to know what it was like to ride a motorbike ?

    So many unanswered questions…

  • Phat Le

    heywassup man, this is my home town. What a awsome movie man. I love your video. There is a crow of skateboarder in Ho Chi Minh City too. I was born in SG , HCM. I wish someday i can comeback and make a cross country trip too

  • Mike Kingsley

    A haunting, scaled down, tweeked young blood version of “The Long Way Around”. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie. You should seriously think about sharing at Sundance this year, or find some other way to share to the masses. Please invite me on the next trip!