Video: Julien Dupont & Arthur Coutard Go Au Naturel

02/06/2012 @ 7:43 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Julien Dupont blah blah blah Arthur Coutard blah blah blah trials, awesome, BBQ sauce. Yes, that crazy French trials rider-turned-urban stunt monsieur is at it again, this time with hetro-life partner Arthur Coutard at his side in the French Alps. Continuing his “Ride the World” video series, Dupont & Co. haven’t picked a city for this adventure this time, instead choosing to do things in a more au naturel setting. With more Frenchness on tap than a silent black & white film tragedy about mimes with baguettes, you’ll have more “je ne sais quoi” than you can shake a croissant at after the jump.

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  • wreckah



    Teriffic riding, wonderful camera shots, horrible music….

  • irksome

    A whole lot of not much going on, and I say that as an ex-trials rider from back in the ’70s.

    But as a person of Scottish heritage, I gotta say those were some FINE lookin’ sheep.

  • Terrific riding, wonderful camera shots, great music….

    What exactly would it take to have a ‘whole lot of something’ going on? Riding up a waterfall isn’t enough?
    Sheesh… people these days…