Somewhere in Italy, A Publicist Just Killed Himself

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Himself or herself, whatever the case may be, publicists and PR agents are hired basically to save their clients from themselves. They are the filter between companies/celebraties and the media, and as such try and prevent their clients from saying anything too unsavory. When Spanish radio station Marca called up Lorenzo on Tuesday to celebrate the Fiat-Yamaha rider’s birthday, they reminded Spanish rider that he shares his special day with another, slightly less famous, celebrity: porn star Rocco Siffredi. It gets worse after the jump.

Rocco Siffredi, known for his more exotic…art…also turned a year older on Tuesday. If you’re not familiar with Siffredi’s body of work so to speak, you can google it to enhance your familiarity with it (FYI: not safe for work). Lorenzo however needed no such familiarization, and apparently is a big fan of Italian porn star.

With obviously no PR person in the room to jump on the phone like a grenade in trench, Lorenzo improvised to the unexpected statement, saying “Rocco is number one in his field.” Not leaving things at that, Lorenzo continued saying, “he’s got a great job, even if I can’t complain about mine. Certainly my sensations and those that Rocco feels, are different … even if I enjoy both of them. If I could, I’d do his work, but if I think that it would be pretty tiring.”

Everyone needs a fallback career, right? For Rossi its Formula One, for Lorenzo it’s hardcore pornography.

Source: Marca (NSFW) via Two Wheels Blog