Rotary-Mounted Cam + Motorcycle Gymkhana = Awesome

07/31/2013 @ 4:14 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS


Motorcycle gymkhana is perhaps the ultimate test of any road racer’s bike control. Navigating machines through courses of curves and cones, it boggles even this veteran rider’s mind at the level of precision that goes into every maneuver, and every video of these special events is a free tutorial on the benefits of smooth throttle, brake, and clutch actuation.

It’s not like we need a real good reason to post up today’s installment, but someone finally figured out that a counterbalanced rotary video rig would be an awesome point-of-view perspective for this form of two-wheeled racing.

After the jump, we ride with the winner of this year’s Dunlop Autoby Cup, Round 3 — though, this might be one of those few videos where you’ll want to mute the sound, and play your own soundtrack. You’ll see what we mean…

Source: ramkhana (YouTube

  • Tim

    Looks great. But I don’t get it. How is it mounted/where is mounted?

  • Michael G.

    It’s mounted on the helmet on some pole but it’s on a rotary so it spins.

  • wew, 360 degree, cool :D

  • Ross Ewich

    “ultimate test of any road racer’s bike control” -ok.

    ultimate test? that would be TRIALS.

  • Trials are off-road, no?

  • TexusTim

    if you watch the ground you will see the shadow of the camera gear on his helmet…..that course looks tough to get right…thanks for the vid !

  • phil

    But it’s the same shot! OK for a few seconds but that’s it… sorry not impressed.

  • TRL

    Expert class – bigger bike, wet surface, and Electraglide in Blue style…

  • Shawn

    This was awesome, and usaully I’m all about listening to the engine, but since this audio clumps and the bike sounds like an angry hornet this would go great with the “I Love The Night Life” audio from the supermoto vid posted here awhile back.

  • Kenny

    Wow! I doubt I could pull off a quarter of the manuevers required for that course, never mind at that pace!
    Wicked throttle and brake control not to mention the level of competence with the little NSR.
    Didn’t look like he touched the clutch once during the run!