Video: Got Brakes?

06/12/2012 @ 2:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS

Whether your Sunday mornings are spent watching the AMA, BSB, WSBK, or MotoGP Championships (bonus points if nodded for each one of those), the image of watching a motorcycle lift its rear-wheel off the ground under heavy braking is surely a common occurrence to you. For amateur racers, the experience can be a bit unnerving at first, and even the professionals sometimes miscalculate the available traction, braking distance, and entry speed associated with such a maneuverer.

Such was the case with one Brazilian Superbike racer, who found himself on the wrong side of an endo, and headed into slower traffic at a corner’s entry point. With his rear-wheel lifted well off the ground, our protagonist makes perhaps the worst decision for the situation: he grabs more front brake. The rest writes itself, and we again thank the proliferation of on-board cameras in modern motorcycle racing for bringing us another tasty clip. Video after the jump.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

  • Holy cow!

  • jackie

    Props to him, honestly. He did that last squeeze to keep from taking out the other rider.

    I think I’d be more than a little freaked to see, and feel, a bike going past me, in the air…upside down.

    Hope the bike was the only thing that was beat up.

  • skadamo

    whoa! gotta agree with jackie. seemed like the best move given the previous 500 ms although I’m not sure he knew in advance the bike wouldn’t land on him.

  • Grant Madden

    If I was the rider in front of him I would go visit the guy in the pits later and thank him for not crashing into me.If he had not hit that front brake a bit harder he would definately taken out the rider in front of him.Big ^^^s to the guy.Takes balls to crash on purpose instead of hitting your fellow racers.

  • No ABS comments? Really??!

  • I think that qualifies as being called “the highest side” on the scale of ending up in the dirt. Ouch.

  • MikeD

    GOOD LORD ! That was Brutal ! This guy is truly a gentleman. He totally avoided plowing the guy in front of him.

    The best of wishes to The Endo Man…he surely got banged, no doubt…hope it was nothing serious but is hard to believe after seeing the footage.



    ABS and TC would have saved his Bacon, i want to believe that.
    Although i have a slight doubt that maybe, just maybe, he may have ran into the front rider because of the loose-grab-loose-grab ABS Game Pattern.
    Just my best guessing.

    Any one else with some real world xperience that could share some light into the matter ? (^_^)

  • I’m totally arm-chair racing here, but it looks like if he was in more control of his bike, i.e. rear-wheel not 3′ in the air, he could have steered around the riders.

  • Yeah, ABS might have enabled him to avoid the rider and run off track with some semblance of control. I’m thinking that maybe my next bike will have ABS, especially with the hindsight realization that most of my trips sliding down the pavement were the result of overestimating front-end grip under heavy braking. When braking turns into breaking, that’s always a bad thing.

  • RJ

    Here is a better shot of the crash. Look’s eerily similar to Leon Cammier’s horror crash over the mountain at Cadwell Park…

    Seems like he just misjudged it to me.

    Roughly 23:45 of the video.

  • Pat W

    You have to give the guy credit. It’s rare to see and endo
    at a road race. It very good of him not to crash into the
    other rider and his bike.

  • kkkkkkkk

    this is common here in Brazil…

    Superbike are never thrilling, or demonstrate high level of skill.

  • ABS would not have saved this… ABS would have stopped his braking force to a level which would have meant rear-ending the other guy quite hard…

  • ABS alone would have netted the same result simply because he had traction. ABS comes into play to keep the tire from locking, and that wasn’t happening. Traction control with pitch control parameters would be required to keep the back wheel on the ground.

  • Grant Madden

    Most racers turn the ABS off so they have real control.Sad thing is that the guy was just going too fast and breaking too late so nothing was going to save him from overshooting the corner.If the other bike had not been there he would have just gone straight ahead and been ok.Looked like plenty of runoff room.Oh well,never mind.These things happen in the heat of competition.Next time he might pay a bit more attention to his breaking points and save himself some embarrasment,pain and money!!

  • paulus

    2 points
    1. The guy was too fast on his approach. Whichever way it could have ended nasty (credit to him for not taking out the other guy)
    2. ABS can take a longer distance to stop you. No skid, but a longer distance…. I would rather take the slide risk and stop in a shorter distance.

  • Gerard

    As many of you have comment. It appears rider #20 was approaching faster than the rider in front of him. I think rider #20 crash may have been caused more by target fixation than anything. He had room to the inside which may cause him to run wide in the corner approaching but he could have made it…. Also with ABS since no wheel locked-up/skidded not sure if they would have prevented this crash.

  • Grant Madden

    Gerard,true the guy could have gone up the inside but then either the rider in front would have had to go straight ahead or they both would have gone down and I,m pretty sure that he wouldn,t have see the approaching bike in time so CRASH !!

  • Ben

    Absolutely brutal. Left leg broken badly, you can see it flopping around in the full video posted above. Don’t like seeing this kind of thing, you probably should learn more about a serious crash like this before posting it with a comic headline.

  • pimpin