Forbes Lists America’s 100 Worst Intersections

03/07/2009 @ 9:48 am, by Jensen Beeler1 COMMENT


We all have an intersection or two that we absolutely despise in our home town. Hearing our ire and road rage, Forbes has compiled a list of the 100 worst intersections in the United States. As one would expect, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago keep popping up, though other areas like New Haven, Austin and even Honolulu have traffic nightmares to offer. Forbes relied on data from Inrix, a company whose traffic data, culled from commercial vehicle GPS units and state departments of transportation, is facilitating traffic avoidance functionality in GPS units. Ford will be using the predictive routing to keep its new vehicles out of traffic jams, and Garmin and TomTom also rely on Inrix. Click here to see the list at Forbes

Source: Forbes via Autoblog

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