Video: How to Make Trials Riders Look Like Sissies

01/26/2012 @ 3:57 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Perhaps some of the most amazing things I have witnessed on two wheels have been performed by trials riders. Splattering up obstacles, balancing across narrow beams, and generally having more bike control in their pinky than in my entire body, I am fairly sure trials riders are demigods with a serious motorcycling addiction…that is of course until I saw this video.

Part trials, part Spartan race, this Japanese G-Impact extreme enduro event doesn’t mess around when it comes to obstacles, nor does one competitor let a 25 foot dirt cliff stop him from completing his run (in awesome glory). We don’t have official confirmation, but rumors indicate the man behind the helmet is King Leonidas himself. Bad assery after the jump.

Source: Visordown

  • mxs


  • cairo

    A little strange, the guy stops and puts a foot down. Then goes over the edge, he can’t get high points doing that.

  • Keith

    Sweet but all things considered…the judges will turn a blind eye to that dab. balls trumps caution everytime with the judges.

  • RSVDan


  • MikeD

    We don’t have official confirmation, but rumors indicate the man behind the helmet is King Leonidas himself.

    ROTFLOL…PRICELESS…that was just brilliant.

    Back to the subject…yes, that took balls…props to “King Leonidas”.

  • marty

    Holy crap that was impressive

  • Neil

    I think the real story from what I can see is…”Hey much of a drop is the cliff…Im going to get close to see…ooops…too close…oh crap…throttles stuck…..maybe i can stop on the…woooooo…umph…throttls still stuck…..Ahhhhhh……look out blow up kids slide…comin at me..

  • I’d love to, really. But I’m busy that day. And that day, too. In fact, wheneverer you want to go riding, I’m busy.

  • MP


  • Holy cow! I just broke my jaw when dropped onto my desk watching this. Can’t imagine what I’d break trying that drop…

  • Tom

    Mythbusters….we have a new project for you.

  • jeff_williams

    I’m not sure what the difference is but I have no issue taking my snowmobile off something like this (with more throttle usually too) but there is _no_way_ I would ever attempt this on my bike. Not a chance in hell.

  • Kev

    How funny is that other guy letting his bike down with the rope hahaha :)