I’m not sure if this video about Dirt Quake II needs an explanation, and to be frank…I’m not sure I even want to even hazard a go at one. Organized by Sideburn Magazine and the Dirt Track Riders Association, a group of misfits on two-wheels did some racing around the Norfolk Arena in England. Merriment was had, a video was produced, and we are not sure if the world is ready for a repeat occurrence. Enjoy after the jump.

Source: Sideburn

  • paulus

    That’s it… having inexpensive fun and comradery with other motorcycling folk!
    Looks like a fun event.

  • froryde


  • jimmyjohn

    Loved it. Fun on the cheap for the sake of having fun = motorcycling.

  • That was all kinds of awesome. Embrace your inner freak, I say! lol

  • Yiha … Every town needs one of those… Hola Cape Town watch this space.

  • patron

    Charlie Boorman sightning. He’s like Waldo at these types of events

  • D. Hill

    Got to love those crazy Limeys (typed with great affection)!