Desmosedici RR: Does It Wheelie?

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The answer? Yes, yes it does. SuperBike Magazine recently got their hands on a Desmosedici RR, and enlisted the help of Dave Sonsky (Super Streetbike Magazine) to see if the $72,000 motorcycle could get a wheel in the air like its race-only brothers. Photos and more after the jump.

Ducati-Desmosedici-RR-wheelieThe verdict was an obvious yes, but Sonsky commented that the RR was a less than ideal machine for the task. With that 200+ horsepower comes a tremendous amount of heat, most of which is radiating down low on the bike because of the underslung exhaust canister.

Sonsky also commented that the clutch didn’t seem to pleased with his antics after a couple wheelies. We’re not too sure that will be an item of concern for many Desmo owners. With the ongoing joke of how many RR’s will actually leave their owner’s garage, we can imagine there being even fewer brave souls willing to loft the wheel of the GP replica.

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Source: SuperBike via Ducati News Today