Real Ultimate Power!!!

10/25/2010 @ 5:38 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

If you weren’t a product of the first .com boom, then you probably won’t get this reference (Google it), but that’s ok as this latest video from the makers of the Ultimate Driving Machine should pretty much explain itself. Still the king of horsepower in the United States (the ZX-10R will be de-tuned upon import to the USA), the BMW S1000RR shows off its mad power yo, and supplants the <<insert Japanese motorcycle name here>> as the bike of choice amongst the burn-out loving stuntah crowd (although, when was the last time you saw a gathering of BMW’s stunting in an industrial park?).

If that’s too much teenage angst for you, then here is a lovely viral video by BMW that uses some light humor to promote its new S1000RR superbike.

Source: Real Ultimate Power

  • froryde

    A bit disappointed – the “hole in the ground” is pretty lame…

  • buzzmanrm

    Absolutely stupid waste of money and time, it would have been better recieved covered in fur doing triple digit wheelies on highways splitting lanes. “so awesome the police won’t know you passed them”

    BTW where his helmet??? burnouts are dangerous the link proves it.

    and thanks for reminding me of how sweet ninjas are…

  • Shaman

    Horsepower king? Hasn’t met my Gixxers. The track bike cost me $5000, has degreed cams, no head work, PAIR delete, track bodywork, revalved forks, MRA screen and brembo MC; 520 conversion. Six times against a S1000RR with him ahead and getting a two bike jump and beat him down every time by several bike lengths.

    And the street bike? Degreed cams, head work, Akra full system, PAIR delete, BST wheels, BrakeTech Ceramic/Metallic Composite rotors, P2 battery, minor lightening, Puig DB screen and a few other things. It cost me $18K to buy and build. This race wasn’t even close, twice I gave him the jump and steamed past him immediately, pulling 8+ bike lengths at an indicated 270km/h. Against a CBR 1000RR, I pulled probably 20, though….

    Silly wheelie and traction control on the BMW had the thing porpoising down the pavement as he watched me ride away from him both straights and corners. I’m sure it’s got its uses and I’m sure it will make a better rider out of many people, but it didn’t work against a $5,000 GSX-R. There’s nowhere on the track the BMW wasn’t in danger – at one point there were three GSX-Rs, one of them a stock 07 that passed him in a long straight (all of us of course wanting to bag the BMW, lol) at the same time and he was so miffed that he started using the ABS and just standing the thing on its nose in the braking zone trying to keep us from passing him every session.

    Just want to clear a little of the hype that this bike seems to generate.

  • Jake Fox

    @Shaman What does that have to do with anything? Why not compare someone who doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle on a MotoGP bike vs. Valentino Rossi on a 250 Ninja while you’re at it.

    Take an unmodded Gixxer and put it on a dyno and run it. Then do the same thing with an unmodded S1000rr. The S1000rr will win. That’s what horsepower king means.

  • jamesy

    WRONG sparky, HP King is dusting the pretenders on a straight-line pull. Go fight your Brochure Wars on printed paper sumwhere. Far as I can see, the thing aint won any races… hazzit? Does it mean Haslam is sooo superior to Corser??
    If winning were digits on screens well maybe its the top dog but….NOT.

  • jamesy

    AND, yeh, I’m with froryde, the whole hole thing is lame as a peashooter…

  • buzzmanrm

    you guys are idiots.

    Look at Wera, Asra, CCS, and World Superstock. Did the BMW win??? How about jeremy Toye? and the fact that he is the 19 club at willow oh wait racing wins only count in the heavily modded WSBK class where TC and performance go hand in hand…

    The Bmw is a solid winner it lacks the aftermarket development and refinement the other brands hold on too.

    BTW work on your grammar.

  • jamesy

    I was working on grammar while you were crapping your pants. I still am and apparently you are as well. I know a guy who once won a twins race on an XV920 Virago, so what?? Careful, it looks like some of the smoke thats been blown up your patootie is starting to come out of your keyboard, fuzzyman.

  • jamesy

    Sometimes folks want something to be so badly enough that reality will actually twist in support of their “cause”.
    “I swear to God man, I saw 125 in first gear!!

  • jamesy

    Still a totally lame commercial.

  • Shaman

    Tell you what, Jake… I’ve got me passing that BMW on video twice and when I get it from my buddy Bruno, I’ll post it up on Vimeo. You want to talk crap on these forums, I want to go out and ride bikes.

    You go out and spend $22K on your BMW and come looking for me on my $18K GSX-R. I’ll lay a hurt on you, and you can come back here and cry about how I cheated because I had modifications on my bike. But in the end, you’ll still get your ass beat by a 5 year old bike with some nice parts bolted to it and a little headwork. Didn’t even change the cams (just the gears) or the velocity stacks; it makes 86lb/ft torque peak and 180whp+ on Shell 93 with a full-fuel weight of about 385lbs. By the way, I didn’t do the engine work myself… could have saved $4k in labour if I had the machine shop.

    Point is, this is all “bench racing,” only I’ve done the real thing and you haven’t. The BMW is a great package for a stock bike, but by the time you kit the thing out I will have built something faster and more fun for less money. I really don’t like the “King” hype I see in the motorcycle industry, I’ve seen a guy on a Pacific Coast 800 with R1 forks and brakes, a CBR swingarm and R1 wheels run Deal’s Gap in 11 minutes flat from CROT to the Overlook. You think you got what it takes to beat him on your S1000RR, man up…

  • Jake Fox

    1. You don’t know anything about me or my background.
    2. Your comparison of a stock bike vs. a modded bike is comparing apples to oranges.
    3. There could be any number of reasons as to why you were faster than the BMW not the least of which is the dude you were racing against (if he even knew he was racing against you) may not have been a very good rider or he was just taking it easy.
    4. World Superstock results are a far more legitimate comparison to the bikes off the showroom floor than World Superbike and the S1000rr flat out dominated this year.
    5. Since when does a S1000rr cost $22k? My local dealership would let me walk out the door with one for $15k today and that’s without any bargaining whatsoever.
    5. I never started talking crap about you, only about your invalid argument.

  • steveo

    One last jab,

    Chris Peris sets new lap record at Inde Motorsports park. No that is not a Typo. It is Inde.

    And his record was 1.5 seconds under the previous record… Oh and Mark Miller, Jeremy toye and Chris Peris are headed to the invitation only Macau GP.

  • jamesy

    Look, no-one says its not a good bike. No-one says it doesnt have a bunch of horsepower. No-one says that in expert hands it isnt a capable machine. What HAS BEEN SAID is that when you come up with a ridiculous commercial like this one you leave yourself open for comments that might lean toward the DOWNSIDE of your package. Capiche? What good is a 12 inch dick without blood pressure? Ya gotta make it work, ne’ ce’pas?
    So, some are getting there, good on ’em, but where are the big time results, the sustainable everybody’s on a Bmer results. They may well come but until they do you’ve only got a hole in the ground and a bunch of smoke.