SOLD: It’s A Buyer’s Market – $4,225 MV Agusta Brutale [UPDATED]

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UPDATE: The bike has now been sold.

We don’t usually post up bikes for sale, but this one seemed like too much of a bargain not to comment on, and in a way it speaks to the current state of the used motorcycle market. A 2004 salvage title MV Agusta Brutale for $4,225, it sounds like one of those bad eBay scams, but reading through this thread on ADVrider, the deal seems not only legit, but also some buyer’s lucky day.

Taking aside the deals going on at Buell dealerships right now, where dealers are trying to unload inventory with $5,000 incentives from Harley-Davidson, the used motorcycle market is probably flourishing with some of the best deals on bikes in a long time. The only problem is, there’s no one to snatch these motorcycles up.

Everyone feels the economic crunch, and for many Americans motorcycling is a hobby. As such, our disposable income is what fuels this sport and industry, which is exactly what’s in short demand right now: extra cash. Everyone is watching their pennies, dipping into savings, and selling off their toys. With no one able to afford these items at their usual market price, sellers needing the cash have to drop their prices in some cases to unthinkable levels, which would appear to be the case here with this Brutale.

For those in the market, there are some killer deals to be had, and for the budding entrepreneurs there’s even some opportunity to flip under-priced motorcycles for a profit. Whatever your motivation, happy bidding, good luck haggling, and of course, caveat emptor.

Source: ADVrider via TLZone