Insane Video of a Bikejacking at Gunpoint in Brazil

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This might be the most intense video we have ever seen, which says a lot considering the recent events in NYC. Riding through traffic in São Paulo on his Honda CB600F Hornet, this Brazilian motorcyclist gets a surprise as he merger into a new lane, as pair of hijackers pull-up next to him on another bike, grab for his handlebars, and demand to have his motorcycle at gunpoint.

Offering no contest to the bikejackers and their desire for his motorcycle, the rest is all a bit shocking as it unfolds in the middle of the busy intersection. Catching everything with a helmet-mounted camera, we imagine this footage will end up as evidence in a Brazilian court, as an off-duty police officer jumps out of his car and fires two shots at one of the robbers.

Dropping to the ground after being shot, the thief’s partner takes off on the getaway motorcycle. Police cars then arrive to sort out the situation, and deal with the assailant. From what we understand he survived his injuries. Nevertheless, what follows below may disturb some readers. In other news, who steals a motorcycle wearing sandals???

Source: Oppositelock via