Video: Audi TT RS vs. Ducati Panigale S

04/26/2012 @ 11:40 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Ever since Audi’s acquisition of Ducati, the following video was begging to be made. Keeping with the classic car vs. motorcycle motif, the intrepid Germans at Auto Bild have pitted Audi’s fastest track car: the Audi TT RS, against Ducati’s finest steed: the Ducati 1199 Panigale S. For those who just raised an eyebrow over that last statement, yes the Audi TT RS is widely regarded as being faster around a track than the V10 powered Audi R8 super car.

This news shouldn’t surprise Ducatisti though, as a similar finding was shown when the MotoGP inspired Ducati Desmosedici RR was trumped by the sold-only-to-race-teams Ducati 1098RS. Like all these videos, there is are a number of rider/drive, weather, track layout, & zombie apocalypse arguments to be weighed into the actual result. That being said, this video does not require a working knowledge of German to understand the “term” blowout, as it applies to the results of this shootout.

Source: AutoBlog

  • frogy6

    its was always gonna get beaten. still think the adjusters off the top of the suspension look abit dopey

  • Damo


    I agree, I would also argue that the base model Panigale is probably the best of the line.

  • Video was pulled… sad, I never saw it…

  • Paul

    umm whats up w/the vid………………….

  • Joe

    Vid works fine for me.

  • Westward

    Video worked pour moi…

    Interesting how the race begins with the Audi in the lead. with the Ducati having to pass it. then pull away to display dominance.

    In reality, the fastest scooter would beat most cars off the line, including this one. On another note, did not know they had a n 1198 Panigale S. Also, not sure I am feeling the Continental Tire brand sticker on the Ducati. Not liking the direction this is going already…

    Is Continental a german brand, cause I know a couple of BMW riders that sport them…?

  • mxs

    What fastest scooter you are talking about? A one with S1000RR engine? …. LOL

    The Audi will do 0-100 in about 4.5s …. it’s not a scooter slouch exactly.

  • Westward

    The caveat was “off-the-line.”

    I would bet on the scooter 9 out of 10 times to beat most cars across an intersection. 0-100 mph, that is an entirely different matter…

  • oml

    auto-bild is a very low-quality, shitty magazine, and – not very surprising – so are the statements.

    if someone still wants to know, i might translate it – just leave a comment below or something.

  • Damo


    Agreed! The reality is a 2001 Yamaha R6 would beat the Audi around the track.