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In case you haven’t noticed, the release of new motorcycles is already well underway in Milan, even though the EICMA show doesn’t officially start until tomorrow (Tuesday).

The biggest trade show for the motorcycle show, EICMA is truly a bucket list item for motorcyclists. It is HUGE. It is crazy. It is full of Italians….and it is full of motorcycle enthusiasts.

I would guess that EICMA is 5x bigger than any of the IMS shows or the AIMExpo, and it is probably 3-4x larger than the INTERMOT show that happens in Germany every-other year. It is simply massive.

This means that we will be releasing a TON of stories about new models and other industry news over the coming days, and we don’t want you to miss any of it (have you seen the banners all over the site yet?).

So to that end, we have made a single landing page that will list all of our EICMA stories, so you can easily find the latest releases and headlines.

We will be boots-on-the-ground at EICMA bringing you the latest unveils; we will have no shortage of “up-close” galleries of the most intriguing machines; and this year will include a ton of A&R Pro content with our thoughts and reactions to the hottest bikes at the show.

Enjoy the new bike season!

Be sure to follow all of our 2019 EICMA show coverage this over the coming days, for the latest news and releases for the 2020 motorcycle model year.

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