Moto3 Rumors Continue – The Death of 125GP & Two-Strokes Seems Nigh

06/28/2010 @ 3:04 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

Moto3 Rumors Continue   The Death of 125GP & Two Strokes Seems Nigh KTM 125GP racing 560x401

After the GP Commission convened at Assen to meet regarding rules for the 2011 season, and other GP affairs, talk quickly began to spread that rumors of a Moto3 class were true. Seeing the success of Moto2 in replacing 250GP, the GP Commission seems to think that a similar race series could successfully replace the 125GP class, making all of GP racing a four-stroke affair as early as 2012 or 2013.

Likely to be replaced by a single-cylinder 250cc motor, Moto3 borrows some of the Moto2 formula. Most notably absent is a single-engine maker rule, meaning multiple parties could develop racing power plants. The kicker though is that all the motors would have a claiming rule of €10,000, which would effectively curtail any out of control expenses.

Motor manufacturers will also have to commit to a batch size of 10 or more units, while an 81mm bore will ensure that the Moto3 bikes will be high-revving, and peaky motors, not unlike their two-stroke counterparts.

From the 81mm bore size, we can also surmise a trend in GP racing. As Moto2 is one year into a three year contract with Honda as the sole-engine provider, the assumption goes that Moto2 racing could see a 500cc, 81mm, two-cylinder format in 2013 as well. This would likely help manufacturers consolidate their development costs across the class, and could even lead to some interesting cross-series technologies.

More on the Moto3 rumors as we get it.

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  1. Jaybond says:

    Definitely it’s about time that the 125GP to be replaced with 4 strokes, to keep up with the trend.

    And also, Moto2 won’t be a single-engine-supplier series for long, which is also what GP fans need! It must follow the spirit of MotoGP – open competition with prototype engines & chassis.

  2. ML says:

    I guess the writting was on the wall. I just wonder if KTM will bail out of this new class as well.

  3. Moto3 Rumors Continue – The Death of 125GP & Two-Strokes Seems Nigh – #motorcycle

  4. Dr. Gellar says:

    Hopefully this class could actually bring KTM back! I know, not likely… Should be a fun class though, and hopefully a number of different engine manufacturers decide to give it a shot. And hopefully, like Moto2, the chassis builders will follow.

    Moto2 eventually going to a 500cc 81mm twin-cylinder formula would be really cool! I always thought when I first saw Aprilia’s RXV 450/550 engine that it would make a great engine basis for an eventual 250cc replacement class. Maybe that will someday happen after all, in one form or another.

  5. RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Moto3 Rumors Continue & The Death of 125GP & Two-Strokes Seems Nigh – #motorcycle