2012 Bol d’Or Final Qualifying Results

04/13/2012 @ 5:36 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Concluding its second day of qualifying, the grid for the 2012 Bol d’Or remains essentially in the same order, as the times on Friday at Magny-Cours were slower than yesterday’s qualifying session. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team’s legacy of FIM World Endurance Championship domination remains intact, which lead SERT Team Principal to say, “I don’t understand what the competition is doing!” during the press debrief. SERT’s Vincent Philippe was the only rider to break into the 1’39 time bracket. The 76th running of the Bol d’Or 24 Heures starts tomorrow at noon, local time.

Second & Final Qualifying Results for the Bol d’Or 24 Hours at Magny-Cours, France:

1Suzuki Endurance Racing TeamSuzukiPhilippe/Delhalle/ForetEWC1’40.514
2Team Kawasaki SRCKawasakiDa Costa/Leblanc/FourEWC+0.339
3Yamaha GMT94 Michelin YamalubeYamahaCheca/Foray/LagriveEWC+0.564
4BMW Motorrad France TheventBMWGimbert/Cudlin/NigonEWC+0.579
5Monster Yamaha YARTYamahaJerman/Martin/GiabbaniEWC+1.054
6Louit Moto 33KawasakiBaz/Guarnoni/ChevauxSST+1.935
7Bolliger Team SwitzerlandKawasakiSaiger/Stamm/TangreEWC+2.078
8Junior Team Suzuki LMSSuzukiGuittet/Tangre/EnjolrasSST+2.124
9Yamahalube Folch EnduranceYamahaRibalta/Dos Santos/TizonEWC+2.664
10National MotosHondaMonge/Bocquet/MassonEWC+2.690
11Honda TT LegendsHondaDonald/McGuinness/JohnsonEWC+2.880
12Team Motors EventsSuzukiSavary/Dietrich/MoreiraSST+2.943
13Maco RacingYamahaPridmore/Junod/BalckEWC+2.998
14AM Moto RacingSuzukiLoiseau/Denis/MaitreSST+3.114
15Starteam 67SuzukiLucas/Hardt/DiguetSST+3.350
16RAC 41 Yamaha Avenue IponeYamahaBrivet/De Carolis/GantnerSST+3.372
17Team 18 Sapeurs PompiersBMWMolinier/Prulhiere/BriereEWC+3.553
18TRT 27 City BikeSuzukiDepoorter/Hedelin/HouissinEWC+3.634
19Penz13 Kraftwerk HerpignyBMWAuger/Fastre/VallcanerasSST+3.632
20Atomic MotorsportSuzukiMuteau/Lalevee/JondSST+3.845
21Team Raffin MotosMV AgustaSlachaud/Polesso/BuffardOpen+3.998
22DG Sport HerockYamahaVan Keymeulen/Cudlin/VizzielloSST+4.180
23MCS Racing IponeSuzukiDevoyon/Bellucci/SasetaSST+4.200
243D Endurance Moto CenterKawasakiDebise/Delegue/HolubSST+4.272
25Team FMA AssurancesHondaSotter/Mackels/MorinEWC+4.414
26Tati TeamKawasakiPerrault/Deletrez/EchardSST+4.539
27SH Technologie ScrubsBMWPouhair/Teramoto/DemareyEWC+4.602
28TSV Volpke by SchubertBMWAltendorfer/Kispataki/ReichmannSST+4.743
29Moto AIN RacingYamahaHaquin/Mizera/VarescoSST+4.906
30Dunlop Motors EventsSuzukiCharpin/Maccio/WolfSST+5.168
31No LimitsSuzukiSaltarelli/Erbacci/CasasSST+5.198
32DL Moto RacingKawasakiSzalai/Meco/MeyerSST+5.330
33Viltais Racing DivisionYamahaBardet/Besnard/RochetSST+5.404
34AZ Moto ExpertSuzukiMezard/Mau/NavarreteSST+5.989
35Racing Team SarazinKawasakiGerouah/Kokes/BernonSST+6.168
36Team R2CLSuzukiCapela/Dumain/CheronEWC+6.550
37Motobox KremerSuzukiGaziello/Scherrer/PaavilainenEWC+6.733
38Aprilia Le Mans 2 RouesApriliaBoue/Parisse/Le RoyerSST+6.811
39TMS RacingHondaGaillard/Henriques/PalaccioSST+7.115
40Team Racing+Oui FMHondaDubarle/Tabieres/De SouseSST+7.581
41Ecurie Chrono SportKawasakiHerveux/Pibolleau/SeguraSST+7.584
42Flemmbo Dijamant SerbiaKawasakiBosio/Cersosimo/DehayeEWC+7.873
44BI-Meca Racing TeamKawasakiFeuillee/Pons/BergeronSST+7.908
45Motos Actives Sport 14SuzukiPigeon/Pigeon/RocheSST+7.986
46Space MotoSuzukiNouvellon/Deneque/GallerandEWC+8.150
47Acro Racing TeamYamahaJean/Grimber/LucasSST+8.968
48PLV RacingYamahaLerat/Sajoux/BessonSST+9.120
49Max et Yann RacingSuzukiThepaut/Cury/LanielEWC+9.183
50Team Racing 85KawasakiGaufreteau/Landreau/PerrinSST+9.762
5124 Racing Lesmotard.comBMWDelage/Romanens/BrunoSST+10.496
52SRET 666BMWDelanoe/Lepand/LeroyEWC+10.996
53YD Racgin CG MotosKawasakiThouxet/Deneque/BelmommeSST+11.147
54Team ACR 74SuzukiHuguenin/Schertenleib/PetitjeanSST+11.180
55Leman RacingBMWVillarroya/Monnot/VinetEWC+11.863

Source: FIM

  • MikeD

    Like someone mentioned before:

    There’s something C00L about race bikes with headlights. It makes me feel more “conected” to it.

  • Neil

    don’t seem to be any Ducatis in this? Can’t they last 24hrs?

  • MikeD

    OMG…u Sir are going str8 to Rider Hell for that one…what a BLOW, ROTFLMAO.

  • Anon

    No Ducatis because everyone knows that Italian Electrics are not going to work in the dark. Not sure how long the lone MV and Aprilia are going to survive, maybe they plan to stay in the pits overnight.

  • Neil

    Well you have to ask the question, why is the most successful superbike manufacter of all time not represented? Not even by a privateer team of punters froma duc club? They can’t be that bad electrically these days or still have a 24 hr reliability problem, surely? And expense shouldn’t rule it out by someone?

  • 76

    Electronics isnt what makes a Japanese bike the weapon of choice in a endurance race, lets start with something alittle bigger, just maybe the engine. How many club racers have their japanese bikes engine blueprinted? now ask yourself the same question about a duc? Oh yeah nothing like cracking an engine just to insure that tolerances are at there ideal measure as per OEM spec

  • Neil

    Look I’m honestly asking a reasonable question given the race history of this brand (that I have experienced in ownership), why are they not represented?

  • The simplest answer might be because Ducati doesn’t support a factory team. The maintenance of the desmodromic head is a reasonable guess as well.

  • 76

    The best answer you will get (other than what jensen just said) is that the ducati engine in racespec vrs a japanese is that it will degrade faster, that does not work in your favor in a endurance race esp at this level.

    I’m not talking streetbike riding here and your 15k valve check, a 24 hour endurance race puts a some serious wear on a bikes engine and a Duc is not know for that so all of the focus and development from the teams go to what they know and what they trust. Ducati would have to step in and actually be proactive in helping these teams and that does not seem to interest them

  • Neil

    Thank you gentlemen for that explanation. Seems a shame that there is no representation by Ducati. Nice to see that bm’s are there and that MV. The euro manufactures are back with innovation, technology and design, who would have thought that 10 years ago?