A Quarter Century of Ducati Superbikes in Photos

11/19/2012 @ 9:25 am, by Jensen Beeler22 COMMENTS

Ducati superbikes are a legend in their own right, with a racing career the spans much father back in history than just the past two decades. Grabbing press kits for the 2012 EICMA show though, I stumbled across these photos from the Ducati Museum at Borgo Panigale factory.

Starting with the Ducati 851, and going all the way forward in time to the newly released Ducati 1199 Panigale R, it is interesting to see the progression in design and technology among the models (if you are into this sort of thing, be sure to checkout our 33 years of Suzuki endurance road racing bikes post).

Get your history lesson on after the jump with some high-resolution motorcycle goodness, and be sure to mention your favorite Desmo in the comments.

Source: Ducati Museum


  1. Adam K. says:

    That 996 SPS is still by far the most bad-ass looking bike of the group. If I could pick one to own it would be that one.

  2. Mikeg81 says:

    How the heck did that Paso get in there?

  3. Afletra says:

    Panigale is the most good looking, but I’ll always fall for the 999/749. Dunno why, maybe that’s what they called “love” :D

  4. bicho says:

    888sp is The Daddy,all that came after that is just meant to be eye candy first and secondly functional machine !now hit me 916,996 owners.sorry for my engrish………..

  5. Angus McFangus says:


  6. onespeedpaul says:


    project no jump strikes again!!!

    all LOL’ing aside, yes, what exactly is that paso doing in there??

  7. mike says:

    the 916-998 bikes have always been and to this day in my opinion to be the best looking ducati’s ever built. i would take a 996R over every single bike shown including the 1199.

  8. MikeD says:

    They sure have come a long way. The Base 996 and 996R look pretty timeless (Classic ?). I would say yes.


    There is, Angus. Go to the main page @ http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/ and see how this article looks there.


    The 907 looks out of place in this lot, but it sure is the one I’d most want to live with on a daily basis.

  10. George says:

    Please! Where is the 889R?
    The most beautiful and rare bike is missing.

  11. George says:

    998R? *

  12. digfoto says:

    What a great collection! Thanks for a great way to awake this morning! (I agree on the 749 and 999 comment.)

  13. BigDurian says:

    The 916/996/748 hands down. The best looking sports bike ever.

  14. BigDurian says:

    Also, the 999/749 is no where near as ugly as people say it is.

  15. Damo says:

    I always forget how ahead of its time the 888 was.

  16. AK says:

    I have 888, 996 and 749. I want to get 1198 and 1199.

  17. Gtrench says:

    Paso? Uhh..??????

  18. smiler says:

    996R. Owned one and loved it. Especially as it was the 2001 bike that Troy Bayliss won WSB title on. For me therefore the 998R is just not as special.

    If you see a 999R with a SSSA and more carbon it actually looks great.

    The 848 EVO Corse SE black.

    1098R Bayliss Rep not features is the best of the rep bikes IMHO.

    But still the 996R especially if you sneek black 10 spoke marchesini’s on to it. A real analogue experience.

  19. shallwedance? says:

    no 955?

  20. Clay says:

    aargh u yanks and ure 955 bleh! going through the lineage the 999 definately sticks out like the bastard child

  21. david says:

    i own an ’95 916, but i would have the 996r if i could. of course the deep charcoal grey 1098s was fantastic looking, or the….