New Ducati Model to be Unveiled at Laguna Seca

07/16/2010 @ 4:47 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS

UPDATE: Ducati will be unveiling to the public its 2011 Ducati 848 Superbike EVO, which will have a $1,000 cheaper “Dark” variant as well.

Get ready Ducatisti, a new Ducati model is coming in two weeks. To be launched at Laguna Seca’s Ducati Island during the GP weekend, Ducati is tight lipped as to what the new model could be. In our invitation to the event, we are told only that the unveiling will be “hosted by four very excited guests to whom this new model means quite a lot.” The unveiling will be at 1pm on Saturday, and we’ll be there with our cameras.

What we’ll be taking pictures of is up for speculation. Knowing that the Mega Monster is slated for Milan, this model is likely something we haven’t seen spy photos of recently. A&R really hopes that the bike is a production version of the Pike Peak Multistrada 1200s (can we say Multistrada R Ducati N.A.?), but that doesn’t really fit in-line with the “four guests” part of the invitation. Then again, we do know the Pikes Peak crew will be at Laguna Seca to sign autographs…

However in all likelihood, the model will be some sort of race replica…perhaps a new road-going Desmosedici even. Again we’re guessing, because there are five Ducati riders in MotoGP now, and that doesn’t make sense either with the four persons reference. Whatever the bike may be, time , as always, will tell. Leave your guesses in the comments section, and help us decipher this one.

Source: Ducati


  1. Tyler K says:

    The V-Rod…err MegaMonster…..Boring.

  2. Terry Lemmons says:

    I bet it has a 46 on it!

  3. Dave says:

    Obviously it’s the MegaMonster Orange County Choppers Edition. Celebrating the reunion of Paul and Paul, with Mikey and Vinnie rounding out the four.

    It’s all so simple…

  4. GeddyT says:


    Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?

  5. Dr. Gellar says:

    How ’bout another Nicky Hayden replica?! Doesn’t even matter what model of Ducati it would be, as the Nicky Hayden replica 848 (I think) sold out so ridiculously fast last year.

    A new supermono would be awesome!

  6. Rob says:

    Rossi version of the 1198 – just to eek out the last sales before the model change.

  7. New Ducati Model to be Unveiled at Laguna Seca – #motorcycle

  8. Toby says:

    848 Streetfighter!

  9. Anthony says:

    @ Gellar – There are still brand new Nicky Hayden replicas on dealer floors. They “sold out” to dealers, but that is far from selling out to customers. There are 165+ dealers in the network – so that is less than 1 per dealer to “sell out”.

  10. Gildas says:

    Supermono… Sigh…

  11. JT says:

    new race replica desmo possibly
    they did say they are working on a new frameless desmo hyperbike :D

  12. CarbonWarrior says:

    TOBY… I like where yer head’s at. That’s the best idea I’ve heard in a while. Once it’s built, run a comparo with a Benelli TNT899S, Streetfighter 848, and whatever middleweight naked/streetfighter types we can find laying around. Hooligan fun for the whole family.

  13. I bet it has a 46 on it too. A race replica of the italian dream team!!

  14. Dr. Gellar says:

    @ Anthony

    Thanks for the clarification.

  15. joe says:

    Street legal supermono and supermono s, I have it from inside sources!

  16. lalaland says:

    If it’s a supermono, I’ll shed tears of joy. When I’m on my Monster I often wish I could chop off the back cylinder and reduce overall weight and rotating mass by about 25%. Monster is one of the lightest bikes out there, but it still feels like an obese, clag-spitting lump of crap on tight roads.

    An announcement that Supermonos are returning to WSBK would be a welcome announcement as well. Racing series from AMA to BSB to MFJ are clamoring for production supermono classes. The first manufacturer to jump will probably sell a lot of bikes to racers.

  17. CZ says:

    please, please, please: Supermono

    or please, please, please: Supersport 1100

  18. DanOh says:

    Streetfighter 848, possibly enlarged slightly (Streetfighter 916??), with redesigned exhaust and chin fairing…

    I hope.

    In reality? Some sort of race rep with hideous $1000 sticker kit.

  19. Jaybond says:

    A new Superbike with extreme short stroke V-Twin & aluminium monocoque chassis?

  20. dave says:

    I think the “new model that will have class-leading performance” is actually Valentino Rossi himself, not an actual bike. My guess for the “four very excited guests to whom this new model means quite a lot” are:

    1. Gabriele Del Torchio – Ducati Motor Holding CEO
    2. Claudio Domenicali – Ducati Corse CEO
    3. Vittoriano Guareschi -Ducati MotoGP Team Manager
    4. Not sure- I was thinking Marlboro or FIAT managment, or maybe Nicky Hayden?

    That makes more sense to me than a new bike…

  21. Dantheautomator says:

    what ? A&R can’t break the news as usual ?
    are you in holidays ?
    where’s the scoop that we all are waiting for ?
    come on A&R !

  22. Jenny Gun says:

    Hold on, lemme call the A&R Bothan spies.

  23. Dantheautomator says:

    I prefer that !
    see you there…

  24. hoyt says:

    The mega monster cruiser would be a mistake at Laguna, but would make some sense at Indy (only to the extent that Indy is in the flat heartland & the US is still cruiser-crazed, unfortunately.)

    A mono would be incredible.

    What about a 4 cylinder motor for WSB entry in 2011?

  25. cara says:

    joe – dream on ;-)

    dave – 100 points

    jaybond – 80 points

    danoh + toby – 50 points

    i think we’ll see a scooter ;-)

  26. Odie says:

    Ah, Ducati totally played us. They leaked those Vapid…er….Vyper photos to distract us form the real story…that no one has a clue about. Maybe they are taking a page from the Rossi “Zig when they are looking for zag” playbook.

  27. mick says:

    it’s an 848 evo

  28. TwinMe says:

    YUP, Like Mick said…. Ducati 848 EVO, 140HP-72Ft/Lbs… MonoBlock Calipers from the 1198 sibling.

    Available in Dark Stealth and Red (red more $ ). Same prices as outgoing 848… at least on U.K.