New Ducati Model to be Unveiled at Laguna Seca

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UPDATE: Ducati will be unveiling to the public its 2011 Ducati 848 Superbike EVO, which will have a $1,000 cheaper “Dark” variant as well.

Get ready Ducatisti, a new Ducati model is coming in two weeks. To be launched at Laguna Seca’s Ducati Island during the GP weekend, Ducati is tight lipped as to what the new model could be. In our invitation to the event, we are told only that the unveiling will be “hosted by four very excited guests to whom this new model means quite a lot.” The unveiling will be at 1pm on Saturday, and we’ll be there with our cameras.

What we’ll be taking pictures of is up for speculation. Knowing that the Mega Monster is slated for Milan, this model is likely something we haven’t seen spy photos of recently. A&R really hopes that the bike is a production version of the Pike Peak Multistrada 1200s (can we say Multistrada R Ducati N.A.?), but that doesn’t really fit in-line with the “four guests” part of the invitation. Then again, we do know the Pikes Peak crew will be at Laguna Seca to sign autographs…

However in all likelihood, the model will be some sort of race replica…perhaps a new road-going Desmosedici even. Again we’re guessing, because there are five Ducati riders in MotoGP now, and that doesn’t make sense either with the four persons reference. Whatever the bike may be, time , as always, will tell. Leave your guesses in the comments section, and help us decipher this one.

Source: Ducati